The actually worst thing about the next rework of Symmetra

Is the fact that her primary gun will lose its ability to manipulate space like holding the basketball or carry the enemies’ dead body

RIP basketball of death 2016-2018


How do you know that for sure? The rework hasn’t come out yet.

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The next rework make her beam a straight beam like zarya’s so when u press the button, the beam have to come out

I’m aware of that, where was it stated that the ability to pick up items with her gun will disappear?

There is no way her beam wont come out with the new rework, she doesnt have lock on anymore, the beam cannot flash in n out when you hit and miss

Gonna be honest here, I don’t see the correlation between how her gun works and its ability to pick up items like the basketball.

The basketball strat was fun, you can put the turrets on the basketball and bring it to the battle field along with the turrets and let it beam people

It was, and I imagine it’ll still be there when the rework hits. There’s currently no reason to think it won’t be.

literally unplayable


It literally become zarya’s primary

Because it will function the same way as Zarya’s beam.
Sym’s gun can only pick up stuff as it adjusts itself to the hitbox of the object (as its lock on)
If you hit the ball for example with Zarya it just blasts away as it doesn’t “surround” the ball to keep it in the same place (same with Moira) There is nothing to lock onto the object.

We dont know for…sure. But its the most likely given the information we have.

No, that’s not confirmed at all.

Just because it is a “straight beam” does not mean it will function/look exactly like Zarya’s. They will want to seperate her from other characters.
My guess is it’ll function more like Moira’s beam, that only “shows” when it’s on a target. When not on a target, it’ll function similarly to how it does now with the spinning animation and will pick up objects.
I wouldn’t go throwing around claims yet. Just wait until the rework hits, then complain.

The lock is in literally the reason it picks up weapons…
You see the stuff you pick up spinning around and constantly adjusting? thats the lock on keeping it in place.
“her primary fire changed to no longer lock on”
With no lock on, you get no pick up.
Again we don’t know for sure, but its the most likely.

Firstly, yes I understand how it works. Secondly, I imagine they could easily program it to lock-on to objects. There’s no reason for them to remove this fun little tid-bit from her character.
Moira and Winston’s weapon interact with objects as well. They don’t have lock-ons.
And as both you and I have said, we don’t know for sure. Just wait till the rework comes out before we start making threads to complain.

Your first mistake is thinking Blizzard care about “fun”


All weapons interact with objects, by knocking them away.
Apart from Sym. Winston has a very wide spread so it just knocks it around alittle as its getting hit from multiple angles, before it gets shot outside of his lightning thing after a short period of time.-

Yes, that’s why they spent all this effort making the game, the characters, the lore, the maps, the skins, the gamemodes, the events. They don’t care about fun, only profit right?

Your first mistake is making blind assumptions. :stuck_out_tongue:
And with that, I’m done with this conversation. Have a lovely day.

this post is ruined …
how can a human’s imagination be this weak?

Litterally unplayable

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