The 1/3/2 thing?

is that a develloper suggestion or just another dps push on the forum ?

It didn’t sound like it was a result of a community suggestion. It’s been suggested before for a long time, but it was worded more like they just came to it on their own and wanted to see if it would be right for the game.

If you don’t know, it wasn’t really talked about much until Jeff’s latest replies here:

Someone was talking about it randomly in a topic they made then Jeff appeared out of nowhere and gave us like 13 paragraphs saying how coincidentally they’ve been testing 1-3-2 internally for 2 months

but he doesn’t think it will go live and they’re scared to even try it out on PTR so if it even does become real it will most likely be an arcade mode

I don’t think he necessarily meant “I don’t think it will go live” as much as he meant “I legitimately don’t know if we will do this or not” - the implications are very different. It sounds far more like it’s up in the air whether or not they think it will be correct for the core gamemodes or not. Like… dead split, is the feeling I’m getting.

Honestly I don’t think something being relegated to just an arcade mode would be met with such a wordy response and so much hesitation and emphasis on being unsure about it.

Ironically, I think him stating how conflicted they are on the issue lead to a bit too much… personal bias leading people to think it is going to happen, or isn’t going to happen, and a lot of people arguing about it lol

inb4 we get a server called the “public expirement region”