The "1-3" star hero rating system

Do you think the star difficulty rating is true to how difficult or easy the hero actually is?


I mean
Moira is 2 stars so


I think the star system does a decent job to describe the “skill floor” of each hero, but not the “skill ceiling” of each hero.


Somehow Zarya is 3 star and D.Va is 2 star BWAHWHAWHAHWAHWA


This. This is 100% correct. The stars are for new players. If you’ve been playing the game for 2 years or so, it’s not for you.


Agreed, Ana is definitely a 3 star hero, but the skill ceiling of Mercy is hard to put into perspective even tho she plays easily.


I’d say every hero have a decently high skill ceiling. People (especially on this forum) tend to consider character that don’t rely on aim as “low skill”, but they are complex enough that mastering their kit requires just as much effort as learning how to click heads.

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Now if only we can stop those DPS Moira’s from flanking…

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Cries in beam and explosive-based characters

Brig/moira/mei don’t really deserve a star at all. They just need a disclaimer that a functioning M1/W button is all you need to be effective with the hero.

Found “that guy” In this post :rofl:


The Gameleap Gms say Tracer is the hardest to master hero. Because you need to memorize all the cooldowns for every other hero, have good aim, good usage of abilities, and good re-action time to be a good Tracer. But Tracer only has two difficulty stars.

But is it true? Pretty much. Brig swapped w for her E key. Spam that armor and hold M1 and you’re Gucci.

Difficulty stars aren’t the difficulty to master the hero. It’s the difficulty to perform their most basic role.

Ie, it’s indicative of skill floor, not skill ceiling.

Did brig stun you through another ult mr.binks.?!? :joy::rofl:


If only that was true.

But then again Im not low ranked, cuz apparently that playstyle is common

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I think the star rating is the absolutely basement of the skill floor. Like, how hard it is to know what all the buttons do.

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but moira must be zero stars…

Absolutely not, Moira, for example, being 2 stars throws any credibility out of the window with that rating system, dont believe them

On a scale of 1-10 on how accurate it is, a 7.