Thats it? Are you serious

They are wrong. “It is okay for abilities to do different things and be strong” is not a reason. Kiriko’s suzu does three heavily impactful things in one button press. That’s not just “different”; that’s oppressive.

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I just saw the changes and I was thinking it was an early April’s fool joke but nope …

Which is stupid. The reason is stupid.
Like pretending she was “too impactful” when healing and dealing damage lol.

Whats next? Nerf Baptiste?

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No brig changes?

WTF is this?

…about what…? This post doesn’t actually state a topic…? Can you edit one in please…? :thinking:

Orisa nerfs dont matter, kiriko nerf is dumb, sojourn nerf doesn’t solve the issue at all, no bug fixes, console still being neglected

I’m sure someone misnoted the changes and it was to lower the damage of the railgun 5 instead of the roadhog hook

Kiriko’s Suzu has to be nerfed and removed from invulnerability if they had done that properly they wouldn’t have to kill a tank like they did today

Yep but instead they nerfed the least problematic part of her kit

They must have gone on vacation and surely they left the job to some dyslexic intern :v

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Im pretty sure they are the dyslexic interns lol

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He can already enviro kill though. To be fair hog is easily countered by team comp. Team just has to work together

was known.

Devs basically said 2 balance per season (1 mid way and 1 at end/start of end)

and mid is minor tweaks with end of season being the big ones.

this is why ppl say games pay 2 win as the new unit is basically busted for entire season.

Because answers now, correct answers later.

Honestly it’s kind of refreshing. Supports should do more than just heal.

Then you know what to do.


Sojourn Mercy still there YEP, Sojourn can still generate energy on shields YEP, nerfed her LMB dmg by 1 YEP, Kiriko still has cleanse removing EVERY debuff in the game and makes 80+% of ults trivial and is also a widow at home? YEP, Hog Deadge YEP, Orisa now has to actually wall hover with fort Poggies YEP, No touch on Mercy’s DB YEP, Sombra changes coming S4+? YEP, overall trash patch YEP.

If only…he can still do the combo (the old style). the difference is you now have an entire 0.5 second to escape/counter it.

And they didn’t touch his surv so watch these forums go back to normal Hog complaining mines in a few days.

Because we need AK to be fired? Keep up the pressure and call out their unprofessionalism.
Bad direction should be replaced ASAP.

TBH, thats ok and enough. No one really needs a rework. He is ok and fine now. Just dont 1shot anymore, thats good.