Thats it? Are you serious

She’s always only gotten 1 charge from hitting shields. That was never an issue regarding that. She can maintain her charge with shields for free basically, which is the strong part about that particular interaction.

These nerfs don’t change anything meaningful. She’s still gonna one shot with Mercy, she’s still gonna slide jump kill with impunity. This is the devs saying they want her to continue to be oppressive.

They didn’t even try to find a different way to nerf him. If this is how they plan on nerfing heroes they consider to be a problem in the future then i simply no longer trust the dev team


Do they work like 2-3 hours a week over there at blizzard? It sure seems like it. These patches are few and far between and almost never include actual reworks, just marginal number tweaks. I stg what tf do they do over there at blizzard hq


You should have joined the stream. They laid out why they did the changes they did.

I am so disappointed in those changes. I though they should have buffed his gun a lot more.

You could here the streamers wanting to point out “so these are the same changes in season 10… and he was garbage in season 10…”


Tbh if this is true then there is no reason to come even back.

The patch notes are up. They nerfed her healing.

They wanted her to use her attacks more and healbot less.

I made this post when i was furious, but i won’t lie, i think this is actually the worst patch the game has ever received.

Im just tired of this. Blizzard just keeps proving they don’t understand their game at all.

I’m actually liking the Kiriko nerf so far, playing as her

I don’t know. I think the Sojourn change is… actually pretty damn well targeted. I’d even go as far as say “inspired”

They wanted to target high ranked play, and charge from damage boosting, and they NAILED that really well.

I would have targeted something else, but given their stated goals there, that was a hell of a inspired change.

I mean… like does it feel that different? No.

Was it necessary and did it solve any issues? Also no. Kind of just a pointless change.

People just don’t want a one shot on rail gun, period. Not damage boosted, not base, people just don’t want it.

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Right, and the whole “what the devs want and the players want are different things” is in play here.

The devs want the hero balanced across as wide of an area as they can.

The players want the annoying part of the kit gone.

But you wouldn’t be able to do both…

I was amazing they could even do their thing.

Well for someone who quite literally has everything, a nerf to any part of her kit is justified.

It gives me a bit more breathing room to squeeze that kunai in while waiting for papers to come back up (and I can more easily afford a second kunai if I’m quick enough to re-target). But you’re right in that it won’t stop the call for more Kiriko nerfs.

I too am lowkey annoyed that we wait so long for such small changes.

It’s not a meaningful change. She will just charge more from safety, then kill 1 second later with a slide jump and a Mercy pocketing her.

Her charge speed has 1/2ed for some ranks. So it won’t be a second later.

She won’t get charge from shields now, she won’t get charge from Wall / Turrets, junkrat traps, etc.

She doesn’t get more from headshots… etc etc etc.

This is a pretty legit nerf.

I don’t get it, what’s upsetting you about the patch?

They did nerf hog, sojourn, orisa and even kiriko

I did watch the stream and I understand why they made these changes. I was never expecting something big. But some of the changes made, like Kiriko, target the complete wrong part of the kit.

Suzu was much more needed.

They also explained WHY they didn’t target Suzu.