That thing called "Group up!"


I love that my comment took you straight to a DPS. I’m sure we were all silently thinking or visualizing a DPS.


As a support main, it’s pretty natural at this point. I always pay attention to make sure, or make an attempt, to go in together. This is for comp especially. I might do one ‘‘group up’’ ping in QP, but if it’s one of those ‘‘let’s all go in 1v6 and die’’ games I’ll just shrug it off.


This mentality is 90% why those 5 people run into that bastion. “You’re the idiot, we’re all together here”

Flanking is frankly beyond some people.


Geez, I really need to go into QP with this mentality.


Okay, lets make this as simple as possible. Lets say there is a “Left way” and a “Right way” to the objective.

Now, on the first fight, we all go “Right” and get mowed down by a Bastion. So, second fight, i say “Lets go left”. No one else goes left, and gets mowed down by the Bastion. Third fight, i ask the same thing, same result.

By your logic, im being a bad teammate? That makes no sense. We tried the same method two, three, maybe even four times, at some point shouldnt the other 5 people realize “Hey, this isnt working, maybe we should try a different way.”

Just because the majority of a team wants to do something, doesnt make it a good play. Its not about who is right or wrong, its about what will and wont be effective. If you try the same thing over and over again, and it’s not working, maybe you should try something different. It’s not rocket science.

Exactly my point.

Yup. If you tried the same way five times, and it’s not working, then maybe it’s time to try another way. Beating your head against the same brick wall over and over again isn’t going to do anything.

I see this so many times in games. As the person asking to group up, to go a different way, you have one of two options:

  1. Group up with your team, go “their” way, and try the same thing, over and over, until the “Defeat” screen comes up (more than likely)

  2. Go off on your own and try to make a play work. And, sadly, it will fail most of the time, because 1v6-ing is really hard in this game, and not really “recommended”, even for proper Flankers, let alone, any other hero on the roster.

The secret third option is, you and your team try a different method, together, but we know how rare that can be. Option 1 or 2 is usually what you deal with, in most games.

And tanks, are the de facto leaders of the group, barring any sort of change via communication of voice comms or text chat.

If your Reinhardt has gone down the same way with you, three times, and you all get mowed down by the Bastion, and then he’s like “Hey, lets go this way”, you should at least try it, once.

What’s the point of doing the same thing, over and over again, when nothing changes?

As I’ve said, I’ve seen so many matches end in “Defeat”, because of this. People mess around, try the same thing, for 5 minutes, and then when overtime comes up theyre like “Oh, crap, we havent even capped the first point yet. Maybe we should try that different route our Rein wanted to go, earlier.”



No one ever got POTG by grouping up. You want them sick flank multi-kills, you gotta be a lone wolf.


If I’m the tank, I tell people to group up with me.
If I’m a healer or a front line DPS, I follow my tank.
If I’m a flanker, I do my own thing.


“But Bill junior, he was a daredevil!”


In QP I’m pretty sure most people just ignore group up requests. And sometimes there’s nothing you can do to stop them from trickling.


Tank is the anchor of the group.

Tank usually is not ballsy enough to get the job done or to know what they need to to do to create space and when they need to take it.

I work better getting picks on my own.

I’ve honestly made it to 2700 from 900 playing like that without voice chat/ignoring teammates. OW is a team game, to a point.

But at the higher end… it’s like driving. You either use the left lane to accelerate or get the hell out of the way. It all becomes choreographed. People make it complicated for no reason. Just like every other idiot out there doing 70 in a 70 that doesn’t understand the left lane is for accelerating and the right lane is for cruising.

Instead of just doing what you’re supposed to do people will argue it is your responsibility, that you’re to blame for every issue you have etc. And if you try to enlighten them, they will not hear it.

communication is useless without the education to reinforce it which is what makes Overwatch such a miserable game to play sometimes.


I talk through mic so people hear it more clearly than just the voiceline or text. In plat it usually works.


In case someone hasn’t mentioned it before, context matters when someone uses the group up function.


If only it was flanking. Most of the time it’s team mates just going into the enemy’s line of fire.


I always make an effort to stay with my teammates. Especially if my role depends on it


I’m not sure what it is either.

I also don’t understand why people are complaining about 2/2/2 or hero balance when they can’t even play the game properly. Whatever it is, it’s pervasive and the game will suffer until that gets fixed.


This attitude towards listening towards to a teammate who might have a better idea is everything wrong with this game. He isn’t being selfish to not want to try the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. And it’s selfish not to listen to him after the rest of the team’s way was tried multiple times and failed.


I don’t fully group up because I never fully trust the positioning of my teammates. But I will stay near them and assist them if necessary


Nothing is more frustrating in a game when everyone is agreeing, “Group up” but your local Hanzo/Widow/McCree/Ashe/S76 is busy peeking because they’re waiting for the team… and then they get headshot and you’re waiting on them to respawn.

It is the one thing I hate seeing in matches.


People still play this game as if its a deathmatch game, and have zero care towards the concept of a team based shooter.

And why should they care? The game encourages solo play more than winning through team efforts. And the developers haven’t done anything over the course of 3 years to address this issue.

Overwatch is on paper a team based shooter, but they could just as well have sold it as a team deathmatch game, because that’s what it really is. And as long as the developers aren’t doing anything towards encouraging it to be a team based shooter, nothing will change.


Please dumb it down for my simple mind :))
I could not comprehend this otherwise.

Is this a question or a statement?
Please decide.

Okay but who decides that?
I guarantee the solo player trying to go ‘a different way’ is not always the best decision, how do you make that call?

Not necessarily though.

the logic here is:
grouping where team wants to go (Bad!) = lose.
grouping where I want to go (Good!) = win!

Perhaps you could get down from that high horse of yours.

and if the leader is off on their own and leaving the team to fend for themselves, thats still their fault. sorry.
Your job is to protect your team and create space. not leave them to get picks for you to then go in off.

Having a reinhardt against a bastion :worried:
That’s a worry in itself.

You come off as a player willing to blame everyone but themselves in the event of a loss eg: everyone else’s opinions are wrong but mine, as hinted by the ‘my way or defeat’ mentality you had earlier.

Sometimes the one is not as important as the many.

In this case of course its circumstantial, but you cant auto assume one player has the better mindset of the other 5.
Which is 100% the case here.