That lucio nerf is just


Lower skill floor, lower skill ceiling, they literally nerfed all mechanical aspect of lucio.


This could be done before, all we really have ‘gained’, is a loss to our speed.


I thought GM/high level players all flex and are super good at multiple heroes whenever they want to.

Should be no problem.


How does that change the fact they think (correctly) that its a nerf to the hero?


Never said it was a problem. Just saying what they said.


just look at the bold text.


So what? You are still moving slowly, in a straight line? Wall Riding saves nobody above Gold.


One thing I know about video games is good players will always standout.


it saves me… and im above gold.


Truly, you think stalling out the point with this new (slower) wall ride is going to be easier?


Really? Because straight wallriding in gold gets you killed. You can’t stay long on one path and expect to survive.


Yep, it’s a huuge nerf.
Rollouts are so difficult due to the speed boost decrease, and the ‘easier’ wallriding is messing up so badly when going on any wall smaller than 1 meter. It tries to take you round the wall (which removes all momentum) if you don’t hop off quick enough or if you’re too close to the edge.


Dude I can wall ride all across the chateau and jump on the same wall multiple times no issue it’s a Nerf to higher level players but it also makes his kit more accessible. But that doesn’t take away the Nerf aspect.


Just move on to the next hero. I thought that’s the pro’s usual message to nerfs. Just play another.


It was just a nerf for anyone who could already play him though.



not true.
The skill focus is switched from stay on the wall to how to use wallride.

go and try it in PTR.


Yeah, this is feeling like a half buff-half nerf. Lucio’s feeling super slow, especially in healing mode, while wall riding, while the new being able to wall ride more places and around corners is nice, I believe our survivability will be decreased as a whole due to the lack of speed. The Boop change is a very welcome addition. If the acceleration and the stick gets fixed, this would be a very welcome change for Lucio. However he’s still got a lot of problems, and this patch merely compounds some of those.

On an only partially related note:
It also feels like since the engine change of how movement works, especially in the air, boop seems a lot weaker, due to much of the time they can cancel the momentum of it by moving forward when they get booped, unless they were already in the air, when they get booped. (Or are Rein. Rein’s weight seems REALLY weird when he gets booped, like a feather sometimes.)

This also doesn’t change all the problems with our ult either, since after the ult change, ours is extremely risky to use reactionary against other ults, sans Genjis. (Which we pretty much still hard counter). It really feels like Lucio gets worse and worse each patch due to various engine changes and ‘improvements’, not to mention being outshined by all the other healers.


That’s not good for people like me who have like 150 hours on lucio


My dude the amount of hours you have on a hero should mean you can adapt to these changes better than anybody else, no matter how badly you hate the changes.

Source: My almost 300 hours of Zenyatta and all of the times I’ve had to relearn tracking because of random projectile speed changes. We either deal with it or play something else.