That junk nerf... No just no no no why why why

Ok. Really!!?? Why r u nerfing the glitch tire I will give u many reasons why that is bad any dev pls listen :slight_smile:

  1. in high ranks if u can’t do it the only way to get a big tire is by climbing the walls which is still hard because the other team can still easily shoot it down.

  2. it is relatively hard to do, yes if u practice it will be easier to do but who tf is gonna practice doing a glitch tire unless ur masters or higher, mercy super jump is easier to do then that and no change

  3. if u gonna nerf junks glitch then 1st of all look at doom he is a walking glitch, and there r other glitches too like mercy super jump. I’m not saying remove super jump because mercy wouldn’t be able to work without it because she just doesn’t have enough movement so it helps with lateral and up/down movement but same with junks tire u wouldn’t see very many rip tire potg’s in high ranks again because that is how most big tires r made these days.

  4. the only reason why u did that is because I select few streamers who does from it were like uGgG I cAnT sEe It HoW cAn I kIlL iT. So can u stop looking at the streamer discord and look on the forums, do u see any of us complaining about the tire… Didn’t think so. Just a friendly reminder too check the forums opinions and the streamers not just the streamers :slight_smile:

Thank u for reading my proposal :slight_smile:

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It’s a glitch. Not a consistent glitch that’s intended either.

Yes but it finally makes tire viable in high ranks Holy up… Ok I’m back I just Had to check what viable meant cause I forgot what it meant but all I know is aquamarine said something like that lmao

Believe me I definitely get that, but its a glitch.

Super jump is a glitch tho

Oh no, god forbid an ult has counter play

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Super Jump is a consistent glitch that can be consistently inputted with the same exact result and is relatively tame.

Drop tire is an inconsistent bug that only happens like 50% of the time, can only be done in random spots with inconsistent input that when done will result in unreactable kills.

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anything to make him picked less

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Not only that it started as a Glitch but it also has been approved by the Devs as a “advanced technique” (Which mercy has many of) to be used in-game (Including Owl)

The Tire was never meant to do this, and the devs just never happened to fix this Glitch.

The part which baffles me the most is that it gets compared to super jump.
  1. Can easily cause a team wipe at the Cost of ultimate charge.
  2. The other temporarily prevents death for a single person.

Where are the similarities again ?

The unintended behaviour of something.

In the case of these it is still up to decide for the Overwatch Team whether they think that you should be able to do this or not.

And in the Tire case you are NOT supposed to be able to do this.

It actually is consistent

Or was consistent, I don’t know if it’s live or not.

If they get rid of this glitch I’m just gonna give up on overwatch compleatly

They already did.

here to prove u wrong :slight_smile:

get good scrub. you can survive without it