That "Blizzard Polish"

I mean sure it’s not even a ‘problem’, but it is indicative of something.

When your company is well known for being extremely polished and making everything ‘just so’, and then they… stop doing that… It’s going to mean something internally. A company that makes extremely specific items to an exact calibration can’t just suddenly start sending out items that don’t meet those specifications without their customer base noticing a change and drop in quality. That’s probably what OP is trying to point out.

I mean I noticed Ana didn’t even have a jump animation on the new OW2 gameplay; that seems basic to me, she’s one of the (still limited) characters that you even can play and she doesn’t even actually jump yet? Did they miss it? is it just that far from done? It makes me question how well off Blizzard is on completing anything, especially since we’re only a few months from launch supposedly.


It’s an artifact of some intern copy+pasting a notepad into the game’s backend and not checking their work. This is not what anybody expects from a multi-billion dollar company. I guess we’re back to Blizzard unironically being a small indie developer :wink:


At least it is not something like this

https:// imgur . com/a/j1b1pGE

And yeah, that crap made it to live for a good a couple of months before getting patched out. In a game where picking a talent ACTUALLY AFFECTS GAMEPLAY

There is also one with Outworld Devourer as well which Valve still hasn’t fixed.

Yes, because multi-billion dollar companies don’t have interns and only have super humans that don’t make mistakes.

Blizzard is no longer Blizzard, expect more rushed junk going forward. People are down to levels of Fortnite, etc. where polish is #2 to just rushing content out for endless momentary novelty.

Would love to trade patch notes with you.

Ingame Version of the German Patchnotes is (was?) in Russian(?). Cyrilic letters and stuff I’m not able to read.

I could care less if some devs are copy and pasting a patch note incorrectly, I’d rather them put that focus into game development instead

The care developers take on the smallest tasks is indicative of the care they’ll take on the largest ones.

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It was the same thing the last patch too.

Wow they finally fixed the gold guns bug that was there for literally years?

Except the developers did not write that. Do you honestly think, and I mean this, the person who writes the patch notes is the one designing the changes? Geoff probably gives his reasons for each patchnote to the CMs who are in charge of that or an intern types them up for him but you do not put actual game developers on patch note duty. That is not an appropriate use of their skills.


Probably moving between text editors. I’ve had weird issues moving between text editors and languages like to/from markdown. It happens.

Not sure why it wasn’t obvious, but also aren’t sure how long or what all was in the file.

Could occur when it is moved to the game.

Common? Yes. Strange that it wasn’t picked up? Also yes lol.

Honestly the QA department doesn’t go near the patch notes.

Why the hell would you think they would?

P sure Andy said they did the patch notes and acknowledged the mistake.

This can very well be a problem with new line being replaced with nothing instead of a space.

plot-twist, Blizzard is based on some TQM strategy and frown upon QA all together.

I can tell you from game dev work, I know that Blizzard QAs the living hell out of everything, WAY more than pretty much everyone else.

They are not Bethesda.

Mea Culpa

The formatting issues with the patch notes was completely my fault. As someone pointed out, those were line breaks that didn’t properly transfer over from one format to another. It’s something I’m aware of and will be looking out for in the future.

The issues with notes being posted with different languages/characters is something I’m already looking into with our Web and Localization teams and should be resolved soon, if it’s not already.

The absolute best thing you can do to raise our awareness of these issues is to post in the Bug Report forums.


I mean I often question if they have a QA department based upon their balance patches… things that the player base find out in seconds of it going live by pass their teams.

That said it could also be they have a QA department and the dev’s just don’t listen to them… either way internal testing is pretty poor as the PTR mercy proved years ago when her Valkrie gun was completely broken. Like the dev’s never even tried it once.

Quality context setting that we’re growing to love.

Keep it up.

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Not to be a debbie downer but posting anything in the bug report forums is screaming into the void. There’s zero indication that posts are read or that issues are known. I and others have posted about long-running bugs for years with video compilations and all sorts of evidence and these things are never acknowledged nor fixed. It’s probably not realistic to expect anyone to use them at this point. (eg Sym tp selfdestruct bug unfixed since 2018 as a gamebreaking bug)


Something like this is actually far more likely to occur at a larger company, because the person posting the patch notes will be pulling information about the changes from other sources. At an indie company, there’s a solid chance that the person who made the changes is typing up the original version of the patch notes by hand in its final format, because they don’t have a role like Community Manager.