Thanks for the server stability blizzard

ppl dcing all over the place right now cost me 50 sr and 12 mins suspension :grinning: :ok_hand:

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In case you didn’t know, there’s a DDOS attack going on lately which is affecting a lot of corporations. Not exclusive to Blizzard.


if it’s true what you are saying, now i know why with a 100 mb/s connection, i can’t play the game, my ping is going up and down up and down with no reason, and u wanna know another fun thing? it’s 1000 only when i’m in the teamfight, but it’s 50/60 (as it used to be) only when i’m watching my teamates.

this is ridiculous…

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Blizzard Customer Service in either North America or Europe have not posted any alerts for any outages on their ends for several hours. I am however seeing a crazy intense amount of traffic hitting Belgium and Germany on the Kapernsky DDoS map so that may be a generalized issue if you live in Europe.

As always at the first signs of high latency or disconnections, please avoid Competitive Play, penalties cannot be reversed by Blizzard.

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If the server DCs, then all 12 players are sent to lobby with no SR penalty or suspension … that means if you got it, ONLY you disconnected pal.

Sounds like a you/your ISP routing issue :man_shrugging:

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To be more specific, if the server crashes and you get the specific message that states “Server closed due to an unexpected error.” ONLY then is it a “no contest” for that match.

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Where can I read up about this? I have been having issues for 2-3 weeks now, is it possible that the trolls are that persistent?

EXTREMELY unlikely. If you are having issues persistant to your own connection for several days, you most likely have an issue localized to your own connection. Either follow this troubleshooting guide or post in the technical support forum for assistance.

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Thanks! Yes, I was already in the process of replacing my modem, several signs pointing to it being faulty, but then that guy’s post gave me pause.

Not sure if I can post links because of trust levels. You can remove space.

security. radware. com/ddos-threats-attacks/threat-advisories-attack-reports/global-ransom-ddos-campaign-update/

I learned about it yesterday due to an update from Cloudflare support. But who knows if it’s also affecting Blizzard.

You might want to recheck the connection though. If the problem is happening under certain scenarios, it might be because of ISP/router issue.

nope in that match ppl were dcing one after another at random intervals just to be lucky to dc right at the end of the match.