Thanks for the -50 SR Blizzie <3

It really came in handy after a loss streak of 4.


You should learn by now to not queue when an update is really close, you’re the one to blame here.


A) Don’t play comp around patch time.
B) Unless you DC’ed twice, you shouldn’t have lost SR (at least that has been my experience).

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what a blizzard fanboy. it’s blizzard’s fault for not keeping their game up when it is supposed to be up


There’s no excuse for this tbh. I can’t find a valid reason for it. It is incompetence.

And I didn’t queue twice.


Um, I’m sorry but what? Everyone KNEW there was going to be a patch today, and Blizzard typically pushes their patches at the same time everyday, OP is the one to blame here


You try to keep servers running when dozens of millions of players all log on at once.


That’s not how it works. When you dc, I believe you have 1 minute to reconnect. If it takes you longer than that, you get penalized.

If you disconnect in the first 1 minute of a match, the match is cancelled. I believe you only have something like 10 seconds to reconnect in that case.

Lol @ these blizz fanboys. This is 100% blizzards fault. No one should be kicked form comp at any time just because they need to update the game. These players should be placed in a queue system to kick them out after the game ends. This shows how serious they take comp, it’s a joke to them.


Other companies somehow manage to smoothly do this. Companies with less money than Blizz…

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It wasn’t because the game needed to update. Generally you can finish a match you’re in. The servers crashed because of all the people logging into the game for the new patch.

:woman_shrugging: It’s odd the servers did crash though. I guess they got overloaded more than normal. I’m in a 8k queue atm.

Please stand by everyone, there are current disconnection and login queue problems for Overwatch:

PLEASE AVOID COMPETITIVE PLAY! Penalties cannot be reversed:

Smaller companies, with less people trying to get on at one specific time.

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Never ever jump into a game like this on patch day. It’s a well-known fact that servers go to crap on huge patch days like this. It happened to WoW recently during that stat-squash and class change patch, and people couldn’t play or log in until pretty much the next day.

I’m surprised you even attempted to get into a competitive game…you should know by now not to do that, lol.

No one cares. Literally, not one person. :smiley:

GW2 ain’t that small imo. Idk the exact numbers compared to OW though.

It respectfully tells you a new build is available, and leaves you in game for 2-3 hours at least.