Thanks for making Reaper even more useless

Hard to belive it was possible


They JUST stated he’s getting buffs in the future.


after Hanzo and Symmetra rework in about 2 years i guess

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I don’t belive it. They will nerf reaper with this buff i’m sure.


At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised. Give him 3000 bugs and he only moves at 2 meters per second for a week like they did with a certain someone.

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That’s, like, your opinion man.

You haven’t even seen the buffs lmao

They stated they are looking into buffing him. Also we have seen times buffs have ended up being nerfs. Reaper could easily get hit by this he isn’t quite an f-tier hero so they could end up making him one.

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You’re right. He’s in Z-tier with Bastion.

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I’ve been an avid supporter of “buff Reaper” posts, he’s my main I love the edgelord and I agree he needs buffs. Now the devs finally say he’s getting them after we’ve been asking for them and it’s still not enough for ya’ll? disappointing…
I say we need to wait until the dust settles before we start reacting to things before there’s even something to react to.


Not useless by far.
He’s getting buffed aswell, nothing to complain about.