Thank you for your "thank you for reporting" message


Never seen it anywhere but in overwatch, and it gives me hope and satisfaction when I log in and see this message !

I don’t abuse the report system and I know the ToS enough to know when it is fair, so I am happy I get to see the toxic throwers get banned/muted… Every time I log in.


Its been in fortnite.
Except there you get,

“He was not a Bear” instead.


Its satisfying indeed.

I believe Counter Strike Global Offensive have a simmular thing


been in dota 2 years ago before OW existed


From this we can conclude that you don’t play a lot of Multiplayer games


If you see that message it means someone got punished so yeah, should be a good sign.
I dont know if it works for all categories but lately i only see it when i report abusive language. That screen pops super fast on the next login.


Wow then my bad !

I want to play and enjoy the game, and I want to win, making me encline to not insult others.
It happens though, but if I had been suspended 10 times maybe I would begin questionning myself.


Hamburger :hamburger:


Almost any online game I’ve played that has any aspect of competitive has the same message.


Fortnite? That game is extremely unbalanced with the worst dev team ever. Epic Games never listens to their community. The amount of cheaters in fortnite is going up too and they dont care.


Any time the community claimed something was unbalanced they removed it till it was fixed

RL \ Infinity Blade \ Silenced Weapons \ etc.

So when you say they don’t listen to the community.
Do you mean they refuse to listen to you about your great ideas?


I’m quite fond of it too. It’s nice to know someone got punished that really deserved it. My report finger isn’t that itchy, so when I do report someone, they’ve been very bad - obvious throwing (jumping off the map all game etc) and constant terrible harrasment towards anyone in the match.


I have already logged into the game to see 3 straights “Thank you for reporting” message. Kappapride


The problem is who can tell which actions have been taken by Blizzard. It could be just a warning and you get the message but not much has really been accomplished.