Thank You, Aria Rose

instead of calling me monsrieur troll maybe also look to the threads i tried to help your case…

i simply dont agree with Aria and no one is willing to type out a few words cuz they know i am right.

Look for Titanium’s thread to see all the explanation, but it is an ability that reduces the damage from enemies.

pacify is a E ability similar to zen orb but the character hit does 30% less damage. you have to aim it however unlike discord.

can you link it? :))

“This isn’t exclusive to Mercy however, as you can see by this screen shot. Basically, any mains’ fanbase that has enough people to be vocal is called, a cult. Again this [using the term cult/cultists] may seem laughable to people who actually have a brain [ie: people are finding cult/cultist as a way to discredit a mains’ fanbase], but it’s spreading and that is bad”

As I said from what you stated you’re more upset at what her words hinted at, ie the brainless comment.

And I mean how childish this all feels. It’s the pointing “They called me a cultists” and “Well they called me brainless”

I just think this has just gotten out of hand, and in all honesty the whole thing felt like it was slowing down (I stopped seeing cultist in like every other response) but her video just stirred it up again.

again you even twist her words so it makes sense to your reality.

and ARIA is out of control thinking she can bash tom powers who has 0 to do with balancing and the state of the game, hes simply a forum moderator who said thank you.

No joke, you should all walk to a mirror and think about what u see.

Yeah. But I don’t want mass rez back. Reasons being is:

  1. The SR bug(which isn’t that important and could be fixed)
  2. When mass rez was there mercy was SOOOOOOO boring to play.
  3. I have many bad memories of us almost winning the game then a surprise mercy swoops in and rezzes everyone after my team putting a huge ult combo and hearing “HELDEN STERBEN NICHT!” then the enemy team steam rolling us

A new E ability called “Rest Assured” on a 12 second cooldown, if she uses it on an ally, her team mate gets one second of full damage immunity, they can still be CCd but during that second of Rest Assured being active the teammate, the teammate can either disengage or kill the enemy that is harassing them. And in Valkyrie, Rest Assured’s duration is increases from 1 second to 1.5 or 2 seconds

Dude your road vid was stupid no joke i watched it all and you talked 4 mins about what his effective range was , stop trolling the forums.

We talking big people stuff here like how Aria should stop with what she is doing since she isnt capable.

thats a great concept but whats stopping people from saying thats just like zaryas bubble?

Wow okay that actually hurt. I’m sorry that I wanna talk about my favorite hero and wanna teach people about roadhog’s effective range

mass rez was only an issue when blizzard introduced invulnerability during rez

i take 30% less damage done over a worst zarya bubble anyday.

Alright, to try and end the argument, here’s the script.

“Basically, any main’s fanbase that has enough people to be vocal is a “cult”. Again, this may seem laughable to people who actually have a brain, but it’s spreading and that’s… bad. A cult has a very negative meaning to it. It’s a religious organization, often brainwashed into believing what they preach. As most people have seen from my (or others’) comments, that’s just not the case. I’ve had many great discussions with people who disagreed with me and learned quite a bit from them, my views on certain things have changed, as have many people I’ve spoken to as well.”

I don’t need to explain anything, the context is all there.

Do not be hurt, the dude’s trying to get a reaction.

It doesn’t boost her damage or healing potential. And Zarya’s bubble isn’t used that way

I am sorry i am on edge since these mercy piranhas , your vid simply gave the wrong information, if you really want to learn road on a high level i would gladly introduce you to 4k players who play him.

As I said that is how I heard it. And you did say what you heard;

The fact that she mentioned the “with a brain” is where you and I part on how it’s interpreted; because I can see where you get that by her saying those who aren’t in that group well are brainless with the connotation on that statement.

But again emotionally driven responses can in turn have unclear messages and so I just took it with a grain of salt. You didn’t and you’re allowed to. I just wanted to know what you heard and HOW you heard it.

this is what you are.

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you right its a good concept wish blizz would listen to the forums

Yeah I know. Just it was my first video on roadhog and he was just… crapping on it