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I’m being honest, I don’t know who aria rose is. But from this thread, it seems like she’s someone who’s advocating for a revert to pre-rez ult mercy and ??? How the hell can you see this as a positive???
I say this with mercy as being my maybe 2nd or 3rd most played/enjoyed hero; but she was damn busted on release. Can you really not see the issue with giving a character an ability that effectively doubles your team with full up if they all die near each other? Do you not understand how game obliterating that is?

This is different than something in like tf2 where you have to run similar unlocks to avoid being at a disadvantage if you dont; you straight up have to run a mercy if the enemy team has a mercy to avoid being essentially 5 players down on them
And that’s terrible design

Mercy needs work right now, but it’s not work reverting her. It’s work making her (as well as literally the entire cast because Jesus Christ a brig can literally walk down a roadhog and win because she is so busted strong) weaker, to bring every characters power more in line


I’m not sure if you’re serious or not right now.

Ohhhh, I will check it later, from my perspective, the bug fix to his hook is a buff, but the bug fix for the falloff is a nerf to his shield break capabilities at medium range :confused:

About which part? The anti-Mercy sentiment? Or the liking you? Regardless, yes, both. I am not saying that you are anti-Mercy, I am just saying that it appears that way. I can see why someone would come to that conclusion.

If not, cool. It does not matter too much. I believe I can speak for everyone here when I say there is a difference between someone who does not like Mercy, or believe she is relatively well balanced as opposed to the people who go out of their way to troll and harass others.

Bringing back mass Resurrect is not a revert if it is accompanied with changes. I, for one, want this rework suggestion to be implemented:

sooooo aria back to calling your fans brainless.

I mean… it’s really not doubling anyone’s HP…

First of all, like you said everyone had to die close to each other meaning they were vulnerable to AoE attacks after the resurrect.
Secondly, Mercy had to stay alive through it all, hoping no one on the enemy team would figure out the most important pick wasn’t in (insert team wipe ult).
And finally, some ultimates were actually very good at countering resurrect like Deadeye or Riptire and Self-destruct. These ultimates mostly aren’t good anymore and ‘‘throw’’ characters like McCree would benefit from a revert.

If she was so broken on release, we’re talking about 1.0 Mercy, why wasn’t she picked more in higher tiers? Why was she considered a throw pick before they put an invulnerability on her resurrect? Because it wasn’t broken before this buff.

The first part, I don’t see how I actually appear to be one, I’d agree if you said I appear to be an anti-Aria (doesn’t mean I am though) also I don’t see in any of my actions where I went out of my way to troll or harass others if you’re equating that to me, if anything I did suggest that one user to stop commenting as to end a meaningless discussion.

Mass resurrect was a genuinely terrible and busted ability, have you even considered how it throws off the balance of the game? Yeah, it feels genuinely incredible to pull off a huge rez and win the game because if it, but being ablento restore your whole team to full health and initiate a 2nd teamfight while the enemy team is still recovering is something that is unfair and should NEVER be allowed


Then there’s the existence of wiping ultimates. Ultimates are supposed to feel disheartening to play against.

what have u done… dont use logic now they gonna whitenoise again …

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I just got back home. Have to prepare a few things for D&D tonight :3.

And yeah, Demo with their swarms of minions is a pretty cool fantasy. Honestly, I’d play whatever you want if you enjoy the fantasy / gameplay. For probably 95% of players, while they might see higher numbers with another spec the difference is no significant enough to prevent progression.

Plus, with that kind of skill, the enemy team cannot afford to not run mercy if you have her on your team. You rez. people that might have their ults and you instantly spin the fight in your favor despite losing the team fight. Its just a broken skill…

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Except, historically, before invulnerability, she was underpowered…

When mass resurrect was in the game, Moira didn’t exist. You’re saying that with all the healing in the game now, a team can’t recover in 3-4 seconds while mercy rezzes?

You also have to take into account that it’s an ultimate designed to counter other ultimates. People can die without ults and using an ultimate is supposed to give an advantage in a fight. Of course you had to expand an ult after resurrect but it was easy since nobody could move for 2 seconds.

Two seconds during which you could use Deadeye or Self-Destruct and kill everyone again.

The amounts of 12-kills POTG i’ve seen because Mercy waited for everyone to die is absurd. It’s counterable.

Nah, I meant that you did NOT do that (troll or harass). It was just my interpretation that you have a anti-Mercy sentiment, fam. No need to take it too seriously. I was more disturbed about the false flagging than anything regarding Mercy. It just is not a good look for us as a whole.

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who is Aria Rose???

Some gold mercy main.