Thank You, Aria Rose

Your free to have a wrong OPINION

Why was this post flagged?!? This just further-proves one of the points Aria has nåde in multiple vids.

Zandalari trolls cannot come soon enough. I’m almost exalted with the honorbound, plan to change my hunter from an orc to a Mag’har.

I need to level my alts. My hunter is my pride and joy though.

No i just noticed she made another vid 16 hours ago where she actually says this and i quote: Again this might seems laughable to people with a brain , but its spreading, - aria

She is mentioning people who find the cult thing funny.

Do you want to have a healthy discussion at this point? We might as well.

What was it about mass rez that was so captivating? I never liked using it (too much pressure) and playing against it … ugh (Especally as Zarya in gold/silver, where people see gravs and press Q, regardless of if it’s a good idea or not)

Short Answer: it was more balanced than reworked Mercy and was fun to use.

Long answer:

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Hey she said it not me.

Sure! It might move things back onto the right path. Personally, it felt rewarding. Mercy’s kit has always been very passive, but the more you healed, the faster you would get rez. Having that mind game of “should I rez now? should I wait? What if I make a mistake?” was exhilarating! As a main, I didn’t mind playing against it because it set up my ult super well as

I’m not opposed to reworking Mercy without rez or with a weaker rez, but I just want her fun again. I do believe mass rez with tweaks (LOS, no invul, maybe a cast time) could be balanced, but I’d love to see the PTR used to test out different ideas.


Mag’har is the chad race. I’ve been holding off on hunter because that’s what my Mag’har will be :slight_smile:
Demo lock is really fun even if I am only level 40ish on my lock, but I do like the versatile classes that can also tank/heal

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I think mass rez was very thematic and exemplified the feeling of being a literal guardian angel. It’s a very appealing ability in that it fit well with what Mercy is supposed to be.

Additionally, rezing and multiple people back from the grave feels satisfying.

I don’t think the original mass rez shouls return, though I wouldn’t mind it in a rework assuming it had several changes to it.

I’ve wanted to be one since Burning Crusade. My hunter is a proud member of the Warsong Clan!

Hellscream’s eyes are upon you. Shame they had to turn Garrosh into a genocidal maniac.

I might have to try Demo, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. My 110 lock is destro, I like the simplicity of it + the whole massive DESTRUCTION factor xD.

I would actually love to see that the PTR used accordingly to its definition xD

  • LoS fix
  • Cast time
  • charge rate nerf
  • damage reduction
  • be able to use it without needing a teammate to die

2 more D:

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Like i said before, when facts are thrown and something you cant avoid BOOM…


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I’ve had sooo many amazing comments with feedback. Healing keeping charges until you die, ways to incorporate rez in Valk, even things not using rez, like so many unique ideas.

Perhaps instead of damage reduction it could instead be her passive healing but 2x stronger then usual and uninterruptable self healing during the cast time :thinking: that way burst damage could still reliably down her if the mercy wasnt careful.

if it was damage reduction itd be abit more wonky.

(Don’t feed the troll please)

Those are a lot of potential changes I’ve seen before / like. I am actually curious though, what do you mean about using mass rez without having a dead teammate?

Also, I think it should give a full heal + some temp health (similar to medic from tf2) to Mercy for a successful cast, remove the invulnerability that old mas rez had.

I think it should reward Mercy for getting a successful cast off while still giving the enemy counter play potential.

would u like to comment on the statement u made at 1:17 on your latest vid, I am sure you dont mind commenting on your own video and how you came to that conclusion.

Sorry to post my own video, but if you look at the comments, there are so many interesting ideas. If you want a good read, this is a good one.