Thank you Aria Rose, #ReworkMercy #ReworkBastion. Mercy ideas for change

Is Neptunium the same person as Titanium?

are you able to give me a quick over view of who titanium is?:blush:

Not that it wasn’t counter able, just not fun to play against. They didn’t say anything about counterplay.

Do you not know who that is or do you want their opinion on them?

Quite unsure of who they are.

Author of this thread and others like it:

I don’t think Mercy needs massive changes but if she gets some I hope it’s the ones they describe. Titanium and many 9ther Mercy players came up with the ideas.

I feel like the concept is very well structured and what i think mercys kit should exactly be like.

I like Mercy’s kit as it is

I would also like to know if Neptunium is the same person as Titanium

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Nothing implies they are the same. Unless they say otherwise, I’d wager they are not the same.

Would understand more if the name was the same. I share a name with someone who became a fairly popular youtuber and have had to clarifiy that I’m not him, for example haha.

Really? You have a pretty distinct name.

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There’s a youtuber by the name of TheRealLazypeon, or something along those lines. I’ve had the name since 2004, as it’s a reference to a NPC in WoW. I can’t be the only one who liked it apparently haha!

… It’s a nightly struggle trying to explain to people in game who think I’m trying to impersonate him that I’m not, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence.

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I have “clan” in my name, so you can imagine the jokes that inspires…

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The healing is VERY easy with Mercy.

  • 15m lock on, no aiming
  • No reloads or cooldowns or resource meter
  • very easy to switch healing

So with spam from Junkrat, Phara, Hanzo and so on coming in and you have a load of squishy heroes dodging around like crazy, you don’t need to get any of them to 200hp, the priority is making sure none are below 120hp, so one blue-bar beyond half health.

That’s the pure healing advantage with Mercy, you exploit the flexibility of her healing to keep everyone above damage thresholds rather than focus on any one target to be super healed.

And of course you don’t JUST have healing with Mercy, you have the Rez. Yes, you lack the burst healing to stop them from dipping below 0hp that an Ana or Moira could have prevented… but Mercy doesn’t need to stop you going below 0hp she can resurrect. So it’s 6 of one half a dozen of the other.

I know the argument “It’s better they never go below 0hp that means they stay in the fight!” except there’s some damage that not even ana or moira can out-heal. There is burst damage that’s just too high that cannot be outhealed like:

  • Rein charge (300 damage instantly)
  • Roadhog hook combo (out of position)
  • Hanzo, Widow headshots (170 to 300 damage instantly with headshots)
  • Storm arrows (Potentially 466 damage per second with headshots)
  • Surprise Bastion (450 damage per second)
  • McCree fan hammer (355 damage in 0.7 sec)
  • Doomfist combo (Over 300 damage over about 1 second)
  • Junkrat mine combo (240 damage in a fraction of a second)
  • Reaper close (with 20% headshots 336 damage over 0.5 sec from one shot to the next)

And even if none them are there there’s good old fashioned focused fire, it’s not that hard to have 2-3 heroes just focus their attack on one hero that is out of position.

If these aren’t a factor then maybe a higher burst healer like Ana or Moira would be better. But that’s why you have a choice. It’s up to YOU to weigh these factors in choosing which hero you should play, it’s not a case of one being objectively better than the other.

No, its a potato with common sense and not a NPC like everyone liking this thread.

I think using rez for healing isn’t a case of healing so much as an ult or a case that she needs a burst heal to prevent it.
But otherwise I agree that’s how you play Mercy…except not for her but for zen. If you aren’t keeping your people up 100%, then you’re an off healer. What you presented me with was a case as to why zen is so good. But exactly why as a primary, mercy lacks the net power to be considered a primary support.

In fact, I am impactful. Whether it is fun or not isn’t important to balance. Rez is quite literally the most impactful ability in the game, and if you aren’t able to use it properly or you get punished, that is 100% on you


what do you guys think of stylosas new video, where he apologises and gives the idea of mercy having burst healing?

Yes, please call me ignorant with my over 200 hours of mercy played over 1500 hours

In my opinion, an apology video gives him double the chances of getting views and ergo money and attention, over just making a video on whatever he ends up apologizing for

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It legitimately sounds like you dont like the hero anyway and instead of the hero changing, you should change your hero to something that suits you. Doesn’t that seem like the logical thing to do?? Good grief.