Thank God they nerfed Lucio

Speed Boost was way too strong and it has no competition.

Brigitte was getting scapegoated for GOATs when in reality Lúcio Speed Boost was what made the Tanks run over everything.

The 10% speed boost reduction might finally give the DPS heroes time to chip down the Tanks before they’re on the point.

Also, the Zen and Zarya nerfs will make the Damage potential of GOATs drop a little, which will help add counterplay.


I can’t find this nerf please link.

Except that GOATs didn’t exist before Brig came along, why didn’t speed boost make it happen then?


Thing is speedboost still has no competition, so Lucio will still probably be just as mandatory as before I feel.

He’s worse at the job, but it’s still a job that needs doing and he’s still the only one that can do it.

What will this actually change, apart from making Lucio less impactful compared to his former self? Like will it help other supports compete with him?

Quad tank meta was the same thing with Hog instead of Brig.
Triple tank was the same thing but with Soldier 76 instead of Brig.

Tank stacked death ball metas existed in this game way before the devs had probably even come up with the concept for Brigitte, and they functioned the exact same way back then as GOATS does now. And they were enabled by speed boost back then, too. I remember back on the old Overwatch forums people saying that Lucio’s speed boost was too strong.


There you go. Linked.

In plat only reddit-lucio and passive-healer-lucio exist anyway

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If you are talking the 30 m speed boost then absolutely, but that is no longer the case.

But why did it suddenly start again with no buffs to Lucio or tanks? Lucio got buffed after GOATs started becoming a thing. Brig enabled GOATs by making DPS do less damage (armor), provide utility they couldn’t (healing, boops, stuns, barrier), and heal (and overheal) at the same time as doing enough DPS to do their job for them.


Why is Lucio picked more than Brigitte for GOATS?


None of this has any meaning. We will see how the changes play out.

Oh my god. That’s no moon. That’s a 1/3 nerf to speed boost. Jumps that were previously possible are now impossible, countless hours of map study, rollout practice are all down the drain. Please anything but that, let me go faster and have the nerf affect teammates, nerf my healing, ult, radius just please god not my personal boost.


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OWL, which is where GOATS is most prevalent. Lucio is picked more often. Lucio is also the most picked hero in grandmaster right now at 13.75% pick rate while Brigitte in grandmaster is sitting at 5.29% pick rate.

In addition, Brigitte is actually the LEAST picked healer on ladder across all ranks, while Lucio is the second most picked healer, with nearly triple her pick rate.


It’s not so bad. Lucio’s individual mobility will still be alright the nerf is only meant to really be for teammates.

How often do you get more than one or two jumps in as Lucio? Not many unless you are going full Reddit-Lucio. To get value out of your auras you need to stay with your team, and that can’t be done if you are maxing out your wall boost speed.

Isn’t that what all the jumps and roll-outs you learned are for?


Speed boost was useful in every past meta except Mercy’s anyways.

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Yes, but you can’t start them the same way now, you have to find closer walls to jump off of at the beginning and farther walls at the end.

God forbid Lucio’s ability be useful.


A logical response to his 2 year and a half dominance, ladies and gentlemen.



And it will still be useful. It will still be the only ability in the game that allows you to speed boost your teammates. Just not as much. Hopefully nerfing the speed boost will prevent tank stacked bunker compositions from being able to roll around in a death ball at the speed of maximum fast like they’re currently able to do and have done in the past.


“Dominance” Yeah Lucio sure was dominant after that 30 m nerf wiped him from existence. He sure was dominant when playing him got me called a thrower when I didn’t go Mercy. Have you actually looked at Lucio’s pickrates back then? They weren’t dominant, you just see it through rose colored glasses because it currently fits your narrative.


Imagine thinking that Lucio’s Speed Boost is the sole reason why GOATs exist. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Almost Three Years with Lucio’s Speed Boost being the same (speedwise, not AoE wise. They nerfed the heck out of that. Rip the fun 30m Lucio), and only recently did we get GOATs. Sure, Lucio’s Speed Boost helped GOATs, but it is not the reason causing it. Nerfing it will make Lucio more mediocre, but it will not make GOATs go away.