TGP Server Is Recruiting!

[PS4][EU & NA][1500-3700 SR] The Good Place is Recruiting

If you’re interested in a mature, wholesome and welcoming Overwatch Community, There’s a place for you here at TGP.

It’s not an ‘Esports Org’, it’s an Overwatch Community. A pretty great one at that. We’re all over 21, really nice, and from several different continents. We’ve got high standards for acceptance here, and most of them have nothing to with how you play-- it’s got more to do with the kind of person you are. After all, it’s easier to improve SR than it is to improve a personality.

We’re a smallish Discord, split between Europe and North America and we have all of these things:

Several North American & European Scrim Teams

Ladder climbing

Head & Assistant coaches for VOD reviews

Fantasy Overwatch League

Fantasy Football

DnD sessions

And most importantly a non phobic, non toxic environment for you to meet cool, friendly Overwatch friends.

We ask that you:

Are a halfway decent human being on PS4

Can lose without complaining

Frequently use discord to help keep our server an enjoyable place to be.

No previous team experience required!

No sign up sheets, just an in-discord interview process where you can tell us about yourself.

Recruiting all roles

So what are you waiting for? Join our server today

Message me on discord if interested: Jay San #6352