TF2 has better lore


Seriously OW has an amazing team but can’t make much lore really at all. Not surprising for a clone. The few characters in TF2 also have more personality than the whole cast of OW.
Am I the only one who plays OW bc of lore and feels very disappointed? Seriously bliz please make more lore even short comics theyre cheap to make and would greatly help us see OW as more of a real universe than just a game with a bit of a world thrown in


Tf2 has better personalities humour wise, however they don’t have as much depth, we dont really know what most of them did before joining the team and the bios themselves read very erratically.
As for lore-the story is crazy but since it’s supposed to be kind of whack it works pretty well.
As for actually wordbuilding TF2 is a complete MESS.
There are 2 sets of 9 mercenaries-no wait there’s an infinite number of soldiers, no wait there’s only 1 Soldier.
Wait, there’s a comic now, apparently there’s only 9 mercs in total-so who are they fighting?
The main plot drive for anything strange is ‘Astralium’ Which is alright but a bit overdone sometimes.
at some point a monkey did a reverse Winston and went up to the moon with a briefcase load of australium.
Wait there’s a document, there was no Australium in the briefcase-what happend to that? No idea.
The Red spy is the BLU scouts dad? No he’s the Red scouts Dad now?

I love TF2’s weird story, however the reason it works so well is you have to LOOK OVER most of the details for anything to actually make sense.
If people looked at TF2 the same way they scrutinise overwatch’s lore, TF2 would be under torrential rage from lorefans eternally.

Not to mention if you think OW lore is slow to come out-ho boy, still waiting for that final comic valve…


I used to play TF2 for years but never really knew what the lore was.
I didn’t even know they had a story. :open_mouth:


Overwatch would have to have lore first for theirs to be better -_-


I was promised lore.

I’ve been severely disappointed.


Lore order:
Counter Strike > TF2 > Overwatch


well to be fair tf2 only has to focus on 9 characters as oppose to overwatch’s almost 30 and counting


My understanding was that it was a different person and pretending to be bc he is a spy

OW feels the same though. I didn’t have to over look the scouts drinks because in universe it makes sense like how OW has the same tech that we just say “well it’s a high tech society so why not”

TF2 had a much better stream of content tho. At least that’s how I remember it. It didn’t feel like months for some tiny scrap of lore.

I know cinematics are hard to make but still they could release more comics or even one page strip comics that build the story over time. Heck I was just excited to get a redacted document the other day. that’s how lore starved I am. regardless of hero count you can still easily build only one character at a time lore wise instead of all at once. you know like marvel and DC


TF2’s lore wins out because it’s willing to embrace the bizarreness of the game’s premise and be tongue-in-cheek with it. OW’s lore wants you to take it deadly seriously (despite having two irradiated Mad Max dudes, a sentient gorilla and a sentient hamster), while having nothing to do with the game, which is explicitly noncanonical. ??? all around.


I’ve tried to reply to this several times but I can not understand what your saying.
Do you mean the red spy is a different one?

But in TF2 the scale is MUCH larger, in Meet the Medic, Medic Uber’s heavy, But is not affected, yet in game he is.
Ok possible oversight, or the mechanics were changed last minute.
Yet in love and war the same scenario happens, Medic still isn’t ubered.
we don’t even know which characters are the ‘original’ Does the BLU team actually exist, in the comic only Engie is BLU yet the RED Engie seems to have vanished, is respawn canon? There’s a massive gap between the game and the storyline and I don’t really think the TF2 team have done it justice.

Past tense HAD, so did overwatch at the begining, both games have slowed but we still get Overwatch lore, even if it is just twitter or forum posts, 11 years into TF2 and we have no idea why the Administrator kept the war going. why was there never any australium in that briefcase the monkey took to space?

Also remember that TF2 didn’t originally HAVE lore, they didn’t start making the game with a story in mind, they pretty much had to piece bits together several years in. This is pretty much why everything sounds so disconnected in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong-it’s a great attempt, but you can tell they had to take some massive liberties and use TF2’s humour to cover it up.
The disconnect between the gameplay and the lore doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse then overwatch, but there just wasn’t that much effort in the world building and that disappoints me as TF2s environments are the thing I like most about it.


Wait cs has more lore than shooting a bunch of terrorists?


Yeah sometimes you also have to save hostages.
And now there is battle royale lore.