Terrible lag after ban

Ever since my 1 week ban, Overwatch has been lagging really, really bad to the point of frustration. I used to enjoy playing ranked, but now I can’t even play a second of it. I know my computer can run it fine because it used to, and my internet works perfectly well for everything else. My lag starts the second I join the game and i usually just give up and leave early. I see players just teleporting around, and I try to walk somewhere but it just takes me back. It often pushes me off a ledge and kills me, even if I wasn’t even close to one. It disconnects me from the server and makes me login again. I still somehow played my placement games and got placed something I was okay with, but now my lag is worse and I disconnect the second I load in. This gives me an instant loss. I hate this. Is it time to quit? What’s going on?

Could be that your route to Blizzard isn’t performing perfectly well (ISP issue).

Still sounds like a connection problem. Try the troubleshooting steps and if they don’t work (try them all, really), post your network test results here for us to look at.