Terrible FPS, pretty good specs unusual

I’m just gonna add it to paste bin, I’m new to these boards

Paste bin link above of my DxDiag

I have Razer Synapse all off my PC as I saw that was an issue as well, no change. Drop from stable 300 fps to <100 fps once somebody comes in my face. Occasional freezing and lots of shuttering - Even with Training bots

Before yesterday, FPS was never an issue always at least 220+, I run on the lowest possible settings

Edit: I tried reinstalling Razer 3 as mentioned in another thread and rebooting my PC, nothing has changed. I want to give up.

Now uninstalled the new Razer 3 and have higher fps in training room but still stutters especially when scoped and very close to a target in general. Nothing works

Did you uninstall the Razer peripherals before running the DxDiag? I ask because I see device entries for them in your report, which wouldn’t be there when fully removed. Also, did you follow the steps from the sticky when you removed it? Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #19 by Drakuloth

Yeah I added the thing as an edit, I did that after. Part of the issue was my mouse polling rate was at 125 hz, a lot of the stuttering went away when I changed it to 1000. However, i still feel my fps isn’t as high as it was.

I follower the razer synapse uninstallation, But the devices will show up in pastebin csusr I did it after I made the post ! Any other suggestions?

There is a note about Ryzen CPUs in the known issues thread here.

Other than that, I would say open a ticket to communicate with the support staff.