Terrible FPS on overwatch

Hey guys ! My friends and I decide to hop back on overwatch and I’ve been having some FPS problems! I’ve done my research and found a lot of people having the same issues. I need some new suggestions because everything I’ve tried has not worked. so this what I have tried

-turning off shader cache

-adjusted settings in overwatch

-rerolled my graphics card to a older update

  • launching game with out battle net
  • Adjusting some settings within nvidia
  • Reinstalled on to ssd
  • Repaired game x

This is what I can think of off the top of my head. Some things I have noticed when playing FPS is horrible like I mentioned but when I die in game and or spectating other player or in 3rd person view waiting to respond the game runs perfect with FPS some times reaching around 200 FPS but as soon as I spawn in it drops instantly to 30 . I’m averaging around 30 FPS and can drop to 10 FPS this is the worst FPS I have gotten on any game ! If you guys have any more suggestions that would be great . thanks!

Please make sure your DxDiag is included in the post.