Tell me this is a joke


And Doomfist’s Rocket PUnch. And Rein’s charge. And Mei’s Freeze.

Every stun that does minimal damage is attached to a hero who either isn’t supposed to be doing a ton of damage (Ana) or has a weapon to make up for it (McCree, Hog).


also the main issue for tracers was her inspire and rally armour. people think just because she can’t 1-shot tracers anymore she’s useless… like she didnt just get amazing healing buffs


what nets to a .667 increase of HPS, because she inspire lasts longer?


you don’t need to be around her that often to get the inspire healing


Kill =/= counter

Brigitte still counter as long she force tracer to disenage, the nerf needed because Brigitte used the combo offensively to weak high priority targets to make easy kill for flanker rather than using it defensively.


Your name is so appropriate, like a teenaged girl I just cannot even.

Her healing was always sub par and mainly good for topping off between exchanges or saving someone who’s already retreating and looking for a healthpack.


You never did, that’s the point. Her healing buff is a buff like Roadhog’s Rate of Fire increase was a buff, like Mercy’s Valk healing was a buff.




I would not call pulse bomb ranged, and I also don’t know what being ranged would have to do with dealing 5 damage. I’ve never once heard of an Ana that had the thought process of using her sleep dart to deal damage.


6 meters is the difference between being in one-shot kill territory of Reaper and getting tickled as you pass by. It’s the difference between taunting Rein and getting your butt handed to you by Rein. Even with the shield, there is Risk in getting that close to a hero who’s good in close range fights.


Honestly, Developers has lost any credibility to me. During Blizzcon they say that Brigitte doesn’t need any changes then they reworks her just because one guy posts a video about how he doesn0t like the current meta.


I’m still failing to see the connection. I merely pointed out two examples of other moves that do a nearly negligible amount of damage as a reason why they may have left it as 5 instead of zero. I don’t see how that has anything do with ranged attacks (despite one of my examples not even being a ranged move, and the other never being used as a damage ability).


Brigitte’s damage is necessary for the job it’s supposed to have; being a reliable skillcheck to Tracer. Ana’s sleepdart doesn’t do damage because Ana is not supposed to do damage. Brigitte needs damage to fullfill her role as a tank and create space.

Brigitte’s nerf is akin to Roadhog’s, where he lost the ability to create space when his damage was nerfed, despite getting a rate of fire increase.


My point had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Brig’s shield bash should or should not do damage.

The person I replied to said “lol 5 damage what an actual joke” and I provided a rationale for a possible technical reason as to why it was left at 5 and not just “removed damage from shield bash”. I then provided two examples of abilities in the game that deal 5 damage (despite neither needing to) as examples of why such a technical limitation would make sense as a reason. This has nothing to do with range or Brig’s ability to do anything.


It has everything with Brigitte’s ability to do anything. The fact is that the damage on those abilities isn’t needed, but one third of Brigitte’s damage is tied into that ability, and nothing compensates for it. You can’t compare the damage of Shield Bash to that of Sleep Dart, range implications aside, simply due to how important Shield Bash is for Brigitte’s ability as a tank.


You can pulse bomb and blink or recall effectively escaping right after infiltrating

I’ve never once heard of an Ana that had the thought process of using her sleep dart to deal damage.

Because her sleep can hit from any range as long as you can aim it so the damage is irrelevant. Brig’s stun requires her to get in people’s faces for it to work and then she’s stuck and unable to move so it has to also be offensive


One shot combo is broken

Moira can also deny Tracer value through the use of healing and damage orbs but its a lot less oppressive to tracer than Brig’s current power.

Brig was basically a delete tracer hero.


She now actually needs teamwork to deal with flankers and can’t just solo them which is how a support should work, her shield bash is now more lika a very easy to land sleep dart.


fun fact: brig got the biggest nerf to damage output in the game on an ability to date

at a whopping 90% of her damage reduced


I think this is fairly true, I had a tough time staying alive in vs a higher sr tracer player so I tried moira to harass with orbs or self-orb heal to stay alive and it did seem to help me (still was difficult the guy was like 2+ tiers above me in quick play on his main .-.). I can see that the heal buff on Brigitte plus her armor/shield/stun could still make it a challenge for tracer. Still, I thought it should have remained at melee strength (30).