Tell me this is a joke

Talk about making the character useless completely.

You first add the thing about being unable to stun shields and now you make her dmg lower when its already low.

Besides killing also the only good counter for Tracer.

Might has well rework her if youre just gonna make her completely useless


I’m just so mad that they really gave in to these deletebrig losers. Goats was a problem but it could be solved in other problems by not giving the mercy treatment to Brigitte


Lol 5 damage, what an actual joke.


The goal here seemed to be to remove the damage, but they probably kept it as a negligible amount to ensure it triggered certain effects. Much in the same way that sleep dart and pulse bomb also deal 5 damage on impact even though it’s clearly unnecessary.


Probably needs more whip damage, to make up for the bad damage shield bash.


this is too much for a nerf


You don’t need the ability to reliably kill a hero to be a counter. Brig still counters tracer by being such a threat that by having a single teammate who isn’t brain dead should be enough to combo with your shield bash to kill her. Regardless of getting the kill, you land her shield bash and she has to burn recall. You’re still a major detriment to Tracer’s value without being an oppressive hard counter. I don’t see the issue.


This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever read for a Brigitte change. Dumber than even removing shield bash from being able to hit through barrier change we thought we had incoming.

Like both ideas are bad but this is humiliating.


Brigitte main complaining Posts incoming


Yeah I’m not sure about this, I’m a borderline #DeleteBrig edgelord but like, I don’t want her to be awful. I just want her to require SKILL. Like I cannot overstate how EASY it is to play this character, its just insanity.

Keep her damage but give her shieldbash a wind-up animation like Mei’s right click or sleep dart. Make her unable to see around corners or people able to see her around corners. Make her primary a little harder to aim or her e ability something thats not an autolock.

Theres nothing inherently wrong with Brigitte honestly she’s Just. So. Easy. When I encounter a Brig player I know I’m going to lose the duel because they could win it with their eyes closed. Just give her some readable animations, give some counterplay.


but those are ranged. Brig has to actually shove herself in people’s faces to do this

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This change literally does nothing to counter what the main player’s problems with her of her helping enforce a Goats comp. The only thing that this helps is all of the Tracer and to an extent Genji players.

If they want to make Brigitte less of a duellist and more of her healer they need to buff her healing more. Now she just looks like a poor man’s Lucio.

Also 50 to 5 damage nerf is a little to much, they could easily nerf it to 20 instead.


Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke it seems.

With the 8 nerf incoming, they reduced her utility and viability as a frontline healer assisting tanks to the point, where she can’t even assist herself against any target, she does no damage anymore whatsoever.

That, and combined with the lowest healing in game, bad mobility, no range at all makes her a worthless pick for any team, other when the opposing side is running Tracer, and even then it is a soft counter at best. She can’t protect her teammates from Genji, Hanzo or any hight burst dps ults like other off healers can. Why even pick her now, I am not sure, when you can go Lucio and have far better healing, mobility and range while having utility of his own.

I would understand the nerfs on her damage with the intention of her to be more of a support to the team, but 0.66 hps on delay she gets for complete loss of combo damage and the loss of her utility consistency is just so meager, it is ridiculous.

She needs either her healing or her shield buffed again, to play that role, otherwise she has no point as of now.


Tracer is apparently not allowed to have any counters.


wow, someone who understand that CC abilities should not have good damage just by it self, lol better shut your mouth boi, the brig mains are comming for ya


Exactly how do you call 50 damage every 7 seconds “good” damage. That’s like saying Moira does good damage


bUt ThEy BuFfEd HeR hEaLiNg (by 0.667 per second)


What do you mean by skill? You mean aim? A bunch of characters in this game don’t require much aiming, Winston, Rein and DVA for example. So do those characters not require ‘skill’?

If aim is that important to you, you’re playing the wrong game.


the only other CC ability that did 50 damage was reinhardt ult. everything from flash to sleep dart is well below that

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