Teleporter Location Visibility

When a teammate finds the opposing team’s teleporter the character announces “Found the enemy’s teleporter” (or something of that sort).
When this occurs, can there be a permanent indicator floating in the virtual-world showing where the teleporter was found?

Not much point to adding this when she’s got a rework that’ll make this a non-issue on the horizon.


Considering it’s about to be re-worked completely there wouldn’t be much point.

Ah, cool. Can you/anyone provide the link to the rework notes?

Well, the teleporter is still going to be destroyable. Wallhacks should reveal it.

I few of the post. (These forums suck… getting better links)

Basically it’s a front/mid-line thing now. Only marginally more “hidden” than her Sentry Turrets.

Right but it’s not really going to matter if the enemy team knows where either end is if it only stays up for a few seconds. It’s not an on going threat like the current teleporter is.

It won’t stay up for just a few seconds, it’ll last longer than that. On top of that, it’ll tell you where everyone is coming out at.

You’re welcome.

given that we have what, 2 months? left until the rework MAYBE.
This wouldnt be that usefull.

HOWEVER, A permanent one for FRIENDLY teammates when the rework goes live, please gimme.