Team/Group Chat Not working

I have had an issue with the group/team chat not working since the update. Before the update, my team and group chats worked perfectly. However, since the update I have had no comms.

  • Playstation Party comms are functional
  • Team Chat or Group chat is selected
  • My icon shows muted
  • Social shows other members in that channel but they cannot hear me and I cannot hear them
  • I have tried other mic’s and have reset Overwatch settings to default several times as well as resetting Playstation Party chat options.
  • Cannot unmute myself but can also not hear anyone else
  • Have not recieved an email from Blizzard about my account being muted.

Are you on a university or business network?

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No I am not. I have previously played on personal wifi and mobile hotspot on my phone through Verizon. I actually have a steadier ping and latency through my phone. I have tried both of these networks, with no change.