Team comp from hell


  • Ball
  • Hog


  • Turdfist
  • Genji


  • Brig
  • Lucio

Boop, stun, boop, boop, stun, RYUJIN EMO NINJA KURAE!!!, stun, boop. Repeat.


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I fail to see the issue, this seems like a pretty good Comp actually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This comp is probably the biggest reason why only tanks will have cc in OW 2. For us tank mains, this means go out to eat while the game is going because you will never make it out of spawn.

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Sounds like Torb and Reaper are about to have a field day.

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That sounds like a Sombra dream fantasy


Still better than Rein/Hog/Genji/Widow/Lucio/Zen :face_vomiting:

Best team comp





Sombra and Mei go brrrr


Not sure if serious but I played Reaper vs that comp once and it was literally unplayable. No joke, still have a hole in my wall from it.

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Yeah, Reaper is pretty useless when he gets booped away from his targets all the time.

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If their Deathball is tight enough, I could see that being the issue.

But if they aren’t, you’re 1-tapping the supports if you catch them out. Reaper is incredibly strong against Ball and Genji as well.

I’d say Torb, Reaper Ana, Brig, Orisa, DVa shut that down.

One of these is not like the other…

According to the forums here no blue rectangle to hide behind means this comp is not good :rofl:


Hog x anyone.

Playing with hog on your teams sucks
Playings against hog sucks.

Basically no one has fun except hog players.

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And then pharmercy happened. :smirk:

If there was just one, sure. But the first enemy atleast three of those will be looking out for is Sombra and she’ll spend pretty much the entire game running away and being continuously interrupted.

Brig still has knock back in Whip Lash and Lucio still has his knock back too. The cool down for his hasn’t been changed either. Ana still has sleep dart, just on a longer cool down. And hack, well hack even as it was handled in the stream was OP even if they removed the damage boost for Sombra. A 1s interrupt/silence from invis with no way to counter is just laughably terrible design.

If Doom gets moved to the tank role, that is one less CC combo between the tank-dps-support. Having only one tank with CC reduces overall potential amount of CC too.

But CC, even while reduced, will exist in other roles. Just not as prevalent, with less cross-role-combos, and in some cases, on longer cool down.

I wouldn’t even consider Lucio’s as needing to be worked on since anyone using him could easily get punished if they miss his boop plus tanks have a reduced knockback passive so anything that has knockback won’t effect them as much.

Its the same with Ball.

But I’m thoroughly convinced support and DPS players hate these two because of how much they expose teammates’ poor positioning.

Barriers are incredibly forgiving for bailing out poor positions and rotations.