Team chat service being blocked by university firewall


anyone have the same problem over here?

Wish someone how to figure that out, I heard that using some VPN will be able to work, but someone told that this will probably being perma-banned for playing blizzard games over VPN. So anyone could help me on this?

It will be really helpful me


You won’t be banned by Blizzard if you use VPN service/s to play Overwatch. I also saw some threads on the forum wherein, a Blizzard Staff recommended using a VPN, so I don’t think that you’ll get banned. And, if you want to use free VPN, try using TouchVPN.


VPNs can cause a false alarm for account sharing if you try to log onto a VPN after just playing without the VPN within a short time frame, but this can be appealed.

I personally recommend using Killping as a VPN service.


thx for reply me.
But after i pay and use this vpn to login to the game, it always lost connection to the game


You’ll likely need to address that with the VPN company.