Tanks shouldn’t have to take cover

Title is a bit of a bait, but still

Tanks shouldn’t be hiding or taking cover 70% of a match. They’re supposed to be the cover for the team.

Don’t get me wrong; its good to take corners and mitigate damage, but a tanks primary role is to take and maintain space. The DPS passive completely negates that almost too easily.


I agree EXCEPT they shouldn’t be cover for their team in the form of a massive Hp bar with lethal capabilities, because that leads to the most worthless gameplay experience imaginable and is awful role balancing.

Concepts like defense matrix, rein barrier, sigma whole kit (even if sometimes overtuned to people) are ideal mechanisms for tanking.

Not the atrocious gameplay offered by JQ, hog, Mauga, and to an extent Orisa.


Of only we have second tank, oh wait…


The consequences of 5v5 :pensive:


As a tank player I still feel like I do this. This season ive almost exclusively played Zarya with a little Dva when Zarya is just completely unplayable(I don’t care that she kinda blows, shes so fun) . I am still able to take space in a similar way that I did before except that I have to think a little harder about my active cooldowns and how I take this fight. Tank diffs matter now alot more and Im having an easier time winning games this season compared to seasons past even though Im very washed and my mechanics are super rusty.

Also, you could never just stay out. Tanks are punished for being brainless damage sponges more this season than last. That isn’t a bad thing.


IMo this patch makes cover use less mandatory. You have to bob and weave out of cover as you advance, sure, but burst used to make peeking a death sentence.

You didn’t have to take cover constantly prior to the DPS passive? I want to play whatever Overwatch you were playing.


I’m fine with removing the dps passive’s effect on tanks as long as their hp is reduced to compensate. We don’t need raid boss tanks. Hard to kill should not mean unkillable.

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They can’t give tanks too much survivability because they refuse to nerf their damage. It’s Blizzard’s concept of the role that is flawed, and until that changes tanks will never be designed properly. Tanks should have the lowest damage output of any other role, even healers, and have drastically larger health pools. Will never happen though, Blizzard is all in with giving people (children mostly) a lot of damage because they feel that’s what makes people interested in their game. It’s kind of like how the NFL and NBA have essentially outlawed defense so that teams score more points, “offense sells tickets” is an adage for a reason. Tanks represent defense and Blizzard wants the game to be focused on offense. Something else that’s stupid is the concept of “dive” tanks. Tanks are supposed to be big, SLOW, bullet sponges. They shouldn’t be able to fly across the map to instakill whoever they’d like.

The game needs so many changes, but most of all it needs people working on it that understand what the different roles are all about. Until that happens it’s never going to reach its potential.

The biggest irony is that tanks feels even more fragile than a dps when they are not getting healed (excluding the hyper mobile ones like ball/doom)


No that just makes the role braindead ez. Knowing when to take cover and when to go in creates the game sense that separates good tanks from bad ones. What you’re asking for turns everyone into Orisa :zzz:

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They made a change like this in some event i remember and it was one the worst experiences for tank players in the history of OW, felt absolutely horrendous to play.


Huh? You think 75-100 HP and 20% less healing removes the death-sentence of peeking? How exactly? The larger projectiles means more damage is hitting you, you receive less healing to repair that extra damage, and that extra HP becomes meaningless.

I see either no change or worse for tanks in S9 with the combination of changes, and much worse for tanks with Zen in a vast majority of games with discord going on tanks as much as possible.

And how exactly do you bob and weave on a tank in OW? Very curious how that works as I haven’t figure that bit out obviously.


Its removed the breakpoints. I rarely die unexpectedly anymore from lucky nonsense shots that eliminate 50% of my hp.

Its just using cover whilst pressing W.

Shameless plug- in want to see tanks receive less critical damage as part of their passive to help them feel less fragile.

JQ is the best tank in the entire game

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I agree to a point. I do think tanks should be using cover, high ground, and angles like any other hero. But they do need a way to move up or fall back without exploding. So they also need to be able to provide some cover as you say, temporarily.

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Delusional Floating Professor Farnsworth still gets to play his style this season. He’s the only tank truly designed to withstand the hitscan onslaught imo. That he is the only tank who can claim that is a really bad design problem.

Every other tank? Hope you like hugging walls. Get some nice sprays to pass the time. :sweat_smile:

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Problem here is, every Tank started with this and continued this trend. Then a lot of players noticed this, and started complaining about it.

Whether you’re looking at Rein’s Charge, Roadhog’s Hook Combo, D.va’s Self-Destruct and Call Mech, Sigma’s Accretion combo, Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver combo, or how Winston kills in three seconds (or less). Tanks have always had lethality.

Tanks benefit the most from damage-boosts too. Mercy’s Damage-boost turns Rein’s swings into 2-shot kill area effect. Amplification Matrix is a one-shot kill from Firestrike, and so on.

Every tank has a tool for negating burst-damage. Peaking and dying is not a fault of Tank design, but of player behavior.

At least with OW2, this was kind of mandatory after the first few seasons.

In OW1 - where it is possible that many players are still thinking or trying to employ strategies - most Tanks could just shrug off a lot of individual damage or have a co-Tank and protected healing sources.

We can’t keep giving more and more perks to Tanks.

The whole “tank” concept is just bad from a competitive perspective. You’re not supposed to be designing entire characters whose sole-purpose is to survive thousands of points of damage from all sources.

Even Orisa has to take cover once in a while.

If you were in a situation where your large tank frame - usually two to three times wider than average non-tank silhouette - was going up against individuals who had trouble hitting that, you’re probably not competing with good players.

And FWIW, most Tank defensive abilities, last longer than the debuff, so healing isn’t really being curbed against Tanks as strongly as you think they are.

Say there’s two points of cover diagonally from each other. Using Reinhardt. Hold your barrier and move to the next point of cover. Rest, and repeated the process.

As fun as she is, I don’t think that’s entirely true.

Sigma gets away with this because he has two ways of completely negating damage, and he typically has a thinner frame than even Junker Queen does.