Tanks hp changes

Why? Like seriously why?

It pretty much ruins the point of what open queue is, and if people hate it then just dont play open queue.

Ahh yes i love playing JQ(tank) with the same hp as bastion(DPS).

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the concept of open queue is to be playable for every role, dps were useless since 2018 after goats meta and god thanks they finally made the good choice by nerfing the tanks.

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if you enjoyed playing goats meta, then i really dont know what to tell you…

The “point” was meant to be more freedom to play what you wanted and be creative.

Open queue is just 3-2 if less variety than role que.

Now, this change might actually force more tanks for sustain… But will mean DPS aren’t totally pointless.


The HP change was bad in the way that Hog and JQ both lost 150 hp, yet their total hp now is very different.

That said, if you thought Tanks were OK in ORQ, you are a biased tank-main or a bronze 5 player.

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Well, bastion is bigger than queen overall so, bastion should have his health increased.

Also, stops people stomping DM modes with Hog. So that’s a good change.

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Like it or not it got frustrating seeing 3 Tanks and two supports almost every game in OQ. Could limit OQ to 2-2-2 each with slight adjustments to Tanks or this.

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