Tanks getting countered is getting old

Really fast… game after game I end up facing Hog, reaper and something like torb or bastion. This isn’t even close to fun and without fail your team will not swap to deal with their counter picks.

Torb and Basiton wouldn’t be so bad if Hog and Reaper where not over the top.


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Problem is mainly here. It puts us back in OW1 starting days where people thinks they don’t need/can’t change heroes in-game.

Some tanks are doing better against Reaper such as Dva Zarya and I think JQ (didin’t test it much)

Torb is broken imo. Between the auto-aim turret and the Lava, nothing can really by done if your team doesn’t help.


Watch the Tank Diff right before your very eyes!!!

Victory or Defeat? Its not up to YOU to decide. Just cheer your Tank on and hope for the best!!!

nah this thread is crazyyy man thinks torb is broken

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Play Rein, Zarya, Orisa. You gain free charge off the turret if you slow play Zarya. Then you melt everyone’s face off.

If Rein then you shield and your team easy destroys the turret. If Orisa you shoot the turret or deflect it.

Hog is countered by Orisa and Zarya. Bubble anyone hooked. Gain serious ult charge from hog and your ult is more of a team wipe than his.

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Overpowered winston is also not fun to play against, the same as playing as reapper. It is just cheese vs cheese.

Winston isn’t overpowered, kiriko and lucio just enable him insanely freely.

Reaper also isn’t overpowered…

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