Tank silver. Spprt bronze

Because my support is bronze dont be fooled i can put out heals with the right team aswell dps moira which i dont like l, but if it works then it works. Support is supporting the team.

Tank i play dva, sigma and rama so those are my mains. My tank is high because i refuse to solo que on it.

I would like to get my Mercy main to silver. (Highest 2814)

If want to team please have mic and willingness to swap if needed as i will do the same.

diamond 2 player add me

pRiverbee#1759 add me if you’d like to group

i can help i am diamond in support and dps

I’m a silver support and tank, so I’d be happy to help if you need! I also have a mic and I’d be willing to swap if the situation calls for it. My tag is NotMeta#3621.