Tank (me) not trying in stupidity picks

Yesterday in low fun solo que ranks i held well with Sigma with our support, but was being pushed back everytime as i defended well.

Summary = enemy dps switched to ashe and soldier to counter our pharah.
Stats i had more elims /dmg than that dps as pharah was just getting dropped as enemy had good aim.

Attack part= i told my team i will try when that dps stops picking flying dps. I sat there as he went echo with many deaths.

End of match i still had way more elims/dmg than that dps and i didnt do anything.

If i tank im not playing with complete stupidity. Just pick something that could make sense and just try rather than picking a flyer when enemy has good aim with many deaths.

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This post screams i’m bad at overwatch


This reply screams im on my hands and knees typing on my keyboard to the great Sukre as he is like celestial greatness.

I think the Tank pick needs to adapt to the team. Zarya can help flying DPS i.e…

What was the other DPS ? Why did you focus pointing at the bad DPS instead of building a strategy with the other DPS and your supports ?

At the end the flyer switched at the last 30 seconds so i went Orisa and fortified to take out the rein and soldier. Pushed up near the next checkpoint to take out ashe then the rein soldier came back.

Enemy mercy moira soldier ashe rein

Us at end Orisa tracer sojurn mercy moira.

Enemy dps was way better . Probably would of won have flyer switched early instead of the last 30 seconds which dps as tracer got dropped fast too.

Im on re4 remake now so idc what low ranks do for the next few months

Ashe also counters Sigma.

  • So there’s that

Yeah, you deserve those team mates. There is no excuse for throwing. You’re the type of person that will get themselves in trouble then point out that ‘someone else did it first’ to excuse your behavior.

Such a juvenile mindset.