Tank mains: What do you want?

The issue is that Sombra will be able to do a rather ridiculous amount of damage. At 15 meters she does 8 damage per shot with a rate of fire of 20 shot/sec. This is 160 dps. In OW2 with the change to Opportunist she will do 240 dps before considering headshots. Even if you are doing 33% crit rate (not too hard on some Rein skins from upclose) you are at 319 dps. She could solo EMP Rein from stealth and kill him before he can even put his shield back up. That is the precise scenario tanks dislike: feeling completely helpless while going from full health to dead in 1-2 seconds.

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Apparently her SMG is being nerfed from 8 damage to 7 damage, so it’ll be 140dps normally and 210dps vs. hacked targets. Still a lot, but not as much as 160/240.

95% of the playerbase isn’t going to be hitting multiple headshots within a second of EMPing a Reinhardt. The vast majority of the playerbase is Plat & below. Also as I mentioned, Sombra’s SMG is being nerfed so that 319dps number is inaccurate. Not to mention Reinhardt shouldn’t be in no mans land with zero help from his team. If Rein is getting EMP’d, his supports should be answering with an ult of their own.

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The more I hear this the more it just sounds like: we want to never die


They downed it to 7 per shot, so it’s 210DPS

Reaper and Tracer do 240DPS

Soldier does 171DPS


Are you proposing giving Doom the Tracer treatment and dropping his health a considerable amount? Or did you mean scaling back with one shot potential? While either of those are paths forward, they don’t address his entire kit being built on CC while doing damage. I am very curious to see how they handle Doom’s CC heavy kit while adhering to their stated purpose of reducing non-tank CC.

Only have some rough ideas.
But generally this stuff, and if it’s too much, then give him better mobility on slam or punch.

Otherwise if he’s too durable. They just reduce the numbers on his passive.

We want to not just explode within a second of turning a corner with full health and shield.
Dying is an inevitable part of an online competitive shooter. Anyone who claims otherwise is delusional. Tanks just want to be able to consistently play the game a bit in between respawn timers.

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From the Overwatch Wiki “Tanks specialize in protecting allies, disrupting enemies, and occupying the front line. They have high survivability and abilities that protect themselves and others with shields and crowd control.”

Just lessen overall amount of CC, not the Tank role.

They are reducing the importance of barriers, barriers since launch up until the past 3 years was the primary way to counter majority of the CC in this game. With the reduction of barriers, there needs to some overall reduction of CC to the entirety of the game.

I really wish I was joking when I say this, if 1-2-2 is the format for PVP in OW2. You will see longer queues, not only because no one is playing the tank role. But also because of the domino effect that this will have on the support role as a result. I mean it’s already been confirmed that ttk is being reduced in favor of the DPS. Meaning with less tanks and being quite :poop: at that, that means the Supports will also have it rough.

The only role that benefits from any of these changes are the DPS. Which isn’t surprising cause they are the majority of the playerbase and it happens to also benefit OWL.

Again, we just want to play our Role. But our role is practically being pushed to the side and or in the garbage. If 1-2-2 is a thing as I said previously, you might as well just merge the Tank and DPS roles to avoid the nightmare-ish queue times that will come as a result.


It seems like that’s the conclusion you’ve drawn and are looking for excuses to justify it tbh.

People aren’t asking to never die, they’re asking to be able to tank without being chain CCd or just exploding from the obscene amount of damage that’s flying around.


As a tank main, I don’t care about CC. What I want is to feel like I have an impact on the game. It feels like I have way too much responsibility (leading teamfights, etc), with no guarantee that my team will win because of it. I feel like an enabler, and if people don’t take advantage, it feels really hopeless.
As a DPS, if the team is doing poorly, I switch to something fun just to mix stuff up, and to still have a good time. As a tank, I have to keep making space and doing my best to provide the team with opportunities that they may or may not take.


From what I see, most Tank players just wanna be able to face tank and frag out without risk or consequence. Which is super unrealistic.

I know no one would actually ask for this because they know it would make them look dumb. Instead it seems like they’re doing it in a round about way. Like saying I don’t want to never die. I just want to meet zero resistence and face no dmg ever. :roll_eyes:

And the devs have just reworked Sombra who had one of the longest cc in the game. They plan to move Doom to the tank role. Mei freeze is gone. They want to remove flashbang. There’s a global tank passive the reduces cc effects. The devs have clearly shown they are making cc less of an issue but you’re pretending like cc is going to be even worse in OW2.

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I was a shadow priest on a PvP server. If I got jumped by a rogue in the wild, it was just GG - I would literally get stunned or silenced the entire time so I couldn’t do anything but wait to die.

I’m not a tank main, but what I hear is not “we want to never die”, but “we want to live long enough to actually do something”.

It is absolutely appropriate that a tank who divebombs the enemy 1v6 (or 1v5) should die for it. Swiftly.

It is absolutely appropriate for tanks to have some drawbacks and/or vulnerabilities.

It is absolutely appropriate that there exist some heroes or abilities that are well-suited to disrupting (certain styles of) tanks.

But tanks and supports both have the problem that, if they are too easily overwhelmed by damage, it doesn’t just nerf their power, it invalidates it. Mitigation, taking space, healing, damage boosting, blocking, peeling—all of that requires being alive and having living teammates. If teammates melt in a fraction of a second and teamfights end in 3-5, then tanks (and supports) simply don’t have time to use their tanking/supporting abilities to any tangible effect. If no amount of strategy or utility can withstand the enemy’s kerboom—not indefinitely, just long enough to attempt a play and/or close some distance—then that strategy and those abilities are effectively useless.

Again: this should not enable pants-on-head-stupid play. Tanking shouldn’t be a “take space for free” button. But I think it’s important to note that while too-strong tanks and healers can make DPS’ job frustrating, too-strong damage (from any source) makes tanks and healers literally irrelevant.

Surely there are irrational tank mains out there who are only happy when they’re invulnerable steamrollers, but I think plenty of rational tank mains are justifiably simply concerned about being reduced to fodder for the red team.


Tanks have eaten some survivability nerfs so far and I expect more coming down the pipeline. Damage is also going going up, again, pretty much across the board. So pardon my lack of enthusiasm for CC reductions, which mean next to nothing if tanks are still spending most of the match not playing the game. Either through continuing to explode every time a dps looks at them or playing hide and seek in cover while the dps get to have fun.

It looks like they designed tanks so that dps players would enjoy them rather than tank players.


I want TTK to not be this:

Now if dying in the space of time bigger than a blink is too much to ask, I’ll just stay with Apex.


Tanks are notoriously hard to balance in other pvp games too though. If they’re too defense oriented, their damage is so low that dps can just ignore them to focus on supports, if they’re too aggro, they become better dualists than dps. If they’re too utility oriented, their either too niche, or people complain about their cc.

I am not a tank main, but I play every role.

CC has never bothered me overmuch cuz I saw it as the role of the tank to absorb that stuff. What’s relevant is “am I alive when all the cooldowns are done?”. As Overwatch has matured the answer to that question is frequently No.

So what I want as a tank is to tank. I want to protect my team and deal conditional damage when appropriate.


I think they should reduce storm arrows down to 3 and give his primary better speed. Or make it so they can’t headshot.

Yeah, but instead we get Storm Arrow buffed in January, so you’ll see how doubtful one can be of the devs.

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I want four things:

  1. For Reinhardt to not be mandatory every single match.

  2. To not be forced to play specific tanks depending on the team composition/to not have to rely so heavily on the rest of the team to get a thing done/be effective.

  3. to not be blown up in less than a second. Tank hitboxes are huge, and a 2 second Defense Matrix isn’t going to cut it when there’s no second tank.

  4. for tanks gameplay to be less clunky and have better flow.