Talk about forgotten heroes

I feel like bastion is a forgotten hero And other people might have other opinions of other heroes that have been forgotten.


I was also going to say bastion the first second i saw this thread, i can’t really think of any other hero that’s been forgotten.

They have forgotten to fix mei’s cryo-freeze delay so i guess mei.


I believe Bastion needs like a somewhat small rework like for mobility and stuff. Like maybe have an ability where he turns into his tank form for a little while to move. And he never really gets that many skins and I hope he gets one this year. But other people might have opinions on that or other hero’s and I want to talk about that.


You might like this thread then, if you haven’t seen it already.

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True, i wana my blocky beeping minigun pal behind my shield back : I

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Stationary targets do not survive in a world of Spam, CC, and high mobility.
Poor Bastion [insert sad bastion beeps]

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There are many heroes in the game that have been changed as much as Bastion has, who has gotten a rework before, but because he’s not currently meta he’s apparently “forgotten”.

Not every character in the game can be, or needs to be, as viable as everybody else. It’s simply not possible. Fixing Bastion without breaking him isn’t exactly an easy thing.

Could you imagine if they gave him more mobility? Recon mode is fine if you can aim and barriers make turret mode a breeze. Give him mobility and we have two healers pocketing Bastion who’s setting up in different places cross the map every 5 seconds mowing down everyone that comes in his Los.

Bastion is more team-dependent than most other heroes and that’s fine. That’s how he should be. Rein and Zarya are team-dependent. Rein protecrs his team so they can protect him. Zarya gets stronger by protecting her teammates. Bastion protects the tanks and healers that protect him. When he’s played as a teammate and not a solo character that you try to go off alone and kill everyone, he shines.

Bastion is like the fourth leg on a table or chair. Sure, he isn’t always needed but when he’s with the other legs, he makes the chair so much more stable. I love Bastion but he isn’t as bad as people are trying to make him seem.