Take Flight in the Flash Ops: Echo Showdown

Take Flight in the Flash Ops: Echo Showdown

Take part in a $50,000 open tournament featuring Echo in every match or tune in to earn in-game rewards!

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This looks cool! Great stuff guys :+1:



I am more intrigued by the idea that we have a news bot :thinking:

How long has that been there?

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You have 4 platforms and you made this available to 1/4. Great job.


Interesting, but probably just going to be filled with people above my level.

Love these mini-tournaments, breakable barriers was pretty fun to watch.

More of this please.

The game already has a ton of bots. Not particularly surprising.

We have a bot doing our community manager’s job.

I love you, bot.

PC is the only platform with a relevant esports scene

By design, yes. 20 characters

The real question is… will Echo be meta during the Echo Showdown?

Anyone who tunes in to watch Overwatch on Twitch.tv during the Flash Ops: Echo Showdown tournament (April 14-20) will receive 6 Echo-themed sprays

Just to clarify, this means that we can watch anyone streaming Overwatch starting right now to earn these sprays?