Sym's TP needs attention to make her viable ( LOTS OF VIDEOS)

if sombra can zarya totally can too

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Grav actually can’t be cancelled once it’s launched. It’s inconsistent with an ult like Meis fsr.

I could be totally wrong though.

Based on the IDDQD/ GG interview it looks like they may be looking at having tickrate based weapons (Winston, Zarya and Sym were specifically mentioned) improved against armor. That could be good news.

Also Sym TP plays were mentioned, as a trade-off for why she doesn’t do as much damage. I have to stress regarding this: If that’s the case, TP fixes and improvements are absolutely essential. It cannot be this buggy and weak if it’s to be her main selling point. She will be too risky to see pro play if she has just a high chance of her TP bugging out.

Are they looking at improving TP? (GG said in the interview he’d be on the forums looking for questions, so here it is.)


I really hope they are, that would be a big improvement for Symmetra since it’s her «main» ability now.

if u give her infinite tp she’ll tp back n forth being untoichable
thats why tp lasts only 10s

I’m not so sure it’d be as problematic as you say but the infinite duration is probably the lowest priority for me. The tp is very easily destroyed, after all.

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i think it should be bigger and be deployed instantly and block damage

On that twitch clip, i knew tele would die and I’m pretty sure the guy knew as well, tele placement is a skill to be learned with Sym, same as with Reaper’s tele, you need experience to know where is best to tele to

This could be solved by reducing the tele’s hp to a more reasonable one, say 100 or so, it would stay up forever or until sym replaced it somewhere else but if the enemy where to sneeze at it, it would die, seems like a fair exchange that required the enemy team to switch focus to the tele itself

base damage increase for primary would be nice.

Would be nice if she could hold her orbs like a Hanzo arrow. They really should fire faster too. Originally they were stated to travel at 30mps but they move at 20mps.

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that happens when I play LFG. First rule is don’t take a TP unless I say it’s safe.

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Here comes ferret the Symmetra fun ruining forum troll

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A 300hp stationary defenseless glowing target is honestly squishy enough. If I drop my tp anywhere near an enemy it lasts just a few seconds before melted. 100 hp would be horrendous, even with infinite duration.

unless it’s focus fired, 300 hp will last at least 3 widow full charged shots, try to take it down with a Winston or Moira and find it being almost inmortal

Not sure where you’re getting that her current tp is squishy when no single hero can actually destroy it without investing quite a bit of time on it

Just from my own gameplay experience. In the the time it’s setting up its vulnerable and multiple people can focus it down extremely quickly.

Sure a Winston can’t kill it quickly but he can’t kill anything quickly so…

They also just stated that they are going to be redoing the entire beam weapon tech, and stated that they plan on going over most (maybe all) of them when that implements. So now I’m worried about that, considering the already hard to get value primary.

On the contrary, I think they’ll end up improving Sym’s beam against armor. If they made it worse somehow that’d be a huge yikes.

I’m not holding my breath, they said they would look at them, not change anything. We will see is basically what they said, so expect bugs more than anything.

If you want to see a Symmetra that absolutely tears through enemy teams like a hot knife through butter with her primary, take a look at Luminum’s videos.

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I love lumi but his sym isn’t that impressive. He was great at 2.0 and helped me learn a lot but for current Sym I prefer to watch Stevo, Raihan, or Slytradesman.

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