Sym's TP desperately needs attention, and it's not whining

I don’t think you read the post. The point is that the teleporter is broken and buggy and inconsistent.

Buffing another part of her kit doesn’t fix that core issue, especially when it’s her signature ability and quite literally the reason to pick her.

What exactly is buggy or inconsistent about it?

man i dont know maybe if you picked symmetra ever you would know, or maybe, watching a video of people playing her and noticing how buggy tp is

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I played her for an entire season on another account and didn’t notice a problem with her TP. I noticed problems with her turrets going through certain things, but that was more like an unintended buff

maybe she sister snapped

The spawn location of her entry porter is completely inconsistent, and things like ramps/steps/objects throw it off in an unpredictable manner. This is devastating for things like turret bombing, or trying to TP out of a grav.

The tp can selfdestruct for no reason. (invisible collision) And we don’t get the CD refunded for it.

Trying to place it around railings is a horrendous experience.

Here, in the first post of this thread I have compiled a large list of videos showing just how awful it is, most of them are short:

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and why on another account?
i thought symmetra was fully braindead and forgiving and didnt really require any specific skill that would risk your rank

no like really im not being passive-agressive here why would u have a sym smurf
for the sym/torb memes?
or was playing sym considered a risk to your account for some reason?

… This was my lowest account at the time LOL

Thanks for actually responding, I’ll take a look.

can you even read :thinking:

No, can you teach me?

you made it sound like one of those rare sym only smurfs ppl had back in 2017 djsghsdgs

ahem Can i introduce you to Hanzo’s primary fire?

Nah, I was playing her at 3300~ and it was beast

just perfectly summed up.
i wish you´d go more into depth when mentioning those obvious things (like radius and - what i personally hope would be included - deployment time, cd or duration its up). devs could just take your thread and rework symm along your hints! :wink:

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This is the point - You obviously don’t play her enough to understand - so why come in with your original sarcastic comment?

The TP is the most bugged out part of anyone’s kit in the entire game.

  1. It magically destroys itself when you deploy it sometimes.

  2. It sometimes cast in front of you, while at other times it casts underneath you. {You may say big deal, but this is huge when you are trying to teleport turrets behind enemy backlines}. You place your turrets down, then utilize TP, only for your TP to go somewhere other than you intended. Because of this buggy scenario, your turrets are essentially on a 30 second cooldown and you get NO VALUE from them. This is terrible because you end up losing the team fight because of this. Syms utilize this right when the fight starts, or in the middle of it, so when this ridiculous scenario happens, it’s like tracer entering a fight with no blinks, or a doom fist with everything on cool down. You are pretty much out of the fight.

  3. The Tp is no where close to fluid when trying to TP to high ground, especially with railings.
    When you try to TP to high ground with railings, you have to sit there for like 30 seconds for it to work. The landscape of the railings really interferes with TP placement.

  4. The radius of the TP is too small.

Beside the bugs…The radius for Teleporter utilization contradicts one of the things it was initially advertised to do {Teleporting out of grav}. We place Teleporter while in grav, and can’t even use the thing, because it casts too far away from us - Or we cast it, and it randomly places under us for use, but the rest of the team can’t because they aren’t in the radius. This essentially renders it useless. Yea, the sym got out of grav, but the rest of the team dies. Now we are 1 v 6 and die, and are staggered.

It’s been bugged the hell out SINCE SHE DROPPED…

Not one ounce of attention has been directed towards the biggest part of her rework - the Teleporter. People with thousands of hours on her have been begging for them to just at least, fix the damn bugs, and we’ve gotten nothing. Not even acknowledgement of the problems.

The worst thing about it is, these aren’t even issues that should take that much time to fix. It’s pure laziness and incompetence from a team that has done things like, ignore a 10,000,000 paged thread of Symmetra before. There are no excuses for it.

There is a simple reason that it feels so bad in comparison to Reaper, which is that Reaper stays in casting animation when he miscasts. Takes like a 1/10th of a second to correct, whereas Sym has to restart the process from scratch.

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We may not be all that friendly towards one another Arcadium, we do differ greatly on opinions and beliefs, but I will support this.

Symmetra as a hero seems to be one of the most lacking heroes in this game. Her only escape ability is nigh equivalent to a Shadowstep and her effective range is close range. She is effectively a worse Reaper with turrets.

As long as it doesn’t break the hero or make them a complete must pick, I am more than on board with making Symmetra a viable pick.

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What, you don’t like playing teleporter roulette? It’s exhilarating!

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Who doesn’t like the chance for an ability to fail and cost you a match due to bad coding? It’s like gambling. Never ending fun!

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