Sym's new ult will be worthless

I guess maybe they thought that her power budget had been used up so they wanted to give her the single most ignorable ult in the game?

There’s nothing stopping enemies from walking right through it. Oh but barrier weaving! Yeah sure, barrier weaving. With a straight line. Imagine for a second trying to barrier dance with a straight line. Literally, all your enemy has to do is stand inside the barrier and track you left and right, just like they do normally with any other kind of juking.

So if the enemy can walk right through it, and you can’t barrier dance with it, and enemy Sym can use it as a massive battery to charge up her ammo…


How did this idea even get through the brain storming phase?


I have this thought too but that does not mean it’s her final ult. More than likely it will still be a shield of sorts but I doubt that’s what they are keeping. We will just have to wait and see, hopefully it comes out today.

I hope rework comes out today so we can actually test it before saying anything

Edit: A barrier does sound underwelming sure and it certainly feels like youre gonna have way less impact than building a TP or a Shield Gen but we still gotta test it first

Edit #2: Nevermind, its actually very boring and bland. Eh at least it looks pretty I gues…


i like how they put teleporter on e, got rid of the shield gen that they put so many resources into, and then were like “oh sh*t she needs an ult uhhhh how about a really big wall and it moves” like that’s…not an ult

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Reminds me of another character with a boring basically spectator camera ult


Would have been better if they made her shield as her E and have it act like Fortnite platforms in which she can place them in different ways to allow for platforms, walls that the enemy can’t walk through but your team can, and ramps.

Her shield gen and teleporter should stay her ultimate.


i keep thinking that widow’s ult is underpowered but god im afraid of it

well the shield could actually be pretty useful. especially if you’re defending. you have a gigantic wall behind which you can shoot safely and which isn’t gonna get taken down very easily. it’s gonna be a nightmare for widow and hanzo, and shield dancing it will be very useful as well.


My point isnt to compare ults. Its to show that for some reason the devs take the original ults that feel impactful and replace them with something that isnt fun to use in the slitest. An ultimate SHOULD be fun to use and a massive barrier that works like Mei wall certainly doesnt seem likes its gonna he fun to use either.


Except both Widow and Hanzo are highly mobile, and there’s vertical space in pretty much every area of every map. There’s absolutely nothing stopping them from just moving.

And again, re: shield dancing, just turn left and right. There’s a reason all static, placed barriers in the game right now are curved.

that’s why i said when you’re on defense. the whole thing with shields it that they’re useful for long range fighting. on the london map for example near the gate. if you shoot hanzo from far away he can’t come near. what you’re saying would mean that orisa’s shield wouldn’t be useful either…

for the shield dancing, yes, fair point.

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We’ll have to see what the final version is.

Hoping it does more than just sit there, like slowing or damaging enemies that pass through it. Or provide a temp barrier to allies pass through it.


Such a lack of imagination. The ability to completely denies long range poke to the enemy team for a set amount of time is absolutely bonkers.


I would honestly prefer Shield Generator.


this sounds terrible honestly. idk how her knew ult will work or what kind of impact it will have. but her current shield gen ult seems to work fine.

Its hard to gauge how much of an impact a map wide barrier will have. i imagine its usefulness will be very dependent on the comp of the opposing side and how fast you can charge it.

Okay, so you put your shield up on King’s Row near the statue. Your team is holding the choke, you put it at a slight angle so that the sniper at the top of their spawn has to move. They go to the building on the right, through the second floor window, pass through the barrier and then go up to the high ground across from the point. What a game changing ult!

How would it be terrible?

Instead of her current photon barrier, She’s be able to place it as either a wall, ramp, or walkway. This would enable her to make new paths for her teammates with walkway and ramp, and still have the ability to shield them with wall. Add in the ability to pass through the wall as allies and make it impassable without breaking it for enemies, and you’ve got a pretty cool builder ability.

“Sym’s new ult will be worthless”

Welcome to OW hero reworks.

Take a seat over there with the Mercy.


Is it though?

Sounds like you’re underestimating your enemy. Like, their ability to move. You think that enemies won’t just run by your barrier? That’s… optimistic.

It’s an ultimate. It’s supposed to turn the tide of battle. Sym’s been maligned for ages for having a passive destructible ult, and now they’re just giving her another one.

i wouldn’t call mercy’s rework bad. it’s balanced so worst than before but mercy is still being played.