Sym's new teleportal ability should work like the portal gun from portal 2

Imagine, shooting an entrance at one place and an exit at another place with either being on the ground, ceiling or wall. imagine how cool it would be if she placed the entrance on a wall and the exit on a ceiling. the whole team could run through and LITERALLY get the drop on the enemy team. Also, it could make some funny moments and neat trickery during games.Would be a lot more fun than making it more like a shadow step device that anyone can use. It does not even work for reaper in the first place. Also, like I said, it would be cooler and spice things up.

it’s basically works like reaper’s shadow step.

It actually kinda seems like Medivh’s portal in HotS.

Medivh for Overwatch confirmed.


EXACTLY. That’s why I am suggesting this version instead. Portal gun version would be way cooler.


if it worked like the Portal gun it would be pretty amazing but so overpowered

Can we finally get Ragnaros as a playable hero now?

I want my Lava Wave!

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yeah but it would have low hp, high cool-down like rez and probably loud noises to let the enemy team become aware. But it would be so worth it and hilarious sometimes.

This is a triumph. I’m making a note here, huge success. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction

----------> NEXT PERSON(that means someone continue the song please ;))

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