Sym's Hindi ult line replaced with her English one


Symm now says “Reality bends to my will” when the player uses her ult instead of her Hindi line, which is now heard only when the enemy uses it, just what they did with Brigitte a few months ago. I’m not happy with this change, the Hindi line sounds much more epic than the English one and there was no reason not to keep it.

Also, in this topic about Brig’s change, Chu stated:

Then what about Sym? She’s no longer a support hero, and other DPS like Genji, Hanzo or Mei still keep their native language ults on the player’s side.

Support ult lines

But isn’t the reason for this so you can tell by the voiceline whether it’s your Sym or an enemy Sym activating her ult?


Your teammates still heard the English version. Only you and your enemies heard the Hindi version.


Yes, so if I hear it in English, if I’m running back from spawn or whatever, I already know it was my teammates ultimate. But if I hear it in Hindi I would know it’s the enemy’s ultimate.

With Sym it’s a bit easier to tell because her ult is map expansive, but with other heroes it’s often the only cue as to whether it was enemy or friendly. Personally, I like consistency, and I’ve kinda got a trained ear now for the different language ultimates letting me know who’s thrown what ultimate. I’d prefer it stay as is. Friendlies hear English, enemies hear Hindi.


You have this confused.

Every hero has 2 main ultimate lines(some skins have special ones), one that is intense or fierce and is often in another language, another that is more informative. For example, yells “Nerf this” as her fierce one and “Activating self destruct sequence” as the informative one.

Enemies hear the fierce one, allies hear the informative one. The player using the ultimate however, hear the fierce one. The exception to that rule is supports, who hear the informative, or “allies” voice line.

Symmetra has her fierce one for enemies, which is the Hindi one, and for informative one for allies. Allies have always heard “Reality bends to my will”, which is her allied voice line.

The Brigitte change was to make the Brigitte player hear the same informative line as her allies, like the other supports do, and not the intense line for her enemies, which heroes of other roles hear when they use their ultimate.

It is worth noting that Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Bastion do not have the “informative” voice line, so their allies do not hear anything.

(Michael Chu) #7

Thanks for the report, it was still working the way it did when Symmetra was support. You (the person using Symmetra’s ult) should hear the Hindi version of the line when you activate it.

We’ll fix it in a future patch.


Michael can I ask you something? Who’s your favorite heroes? Gameplay wise and lore wise.


I’ve noticed that this happens if you happen to take damage just after casting it. It’s almost consistently the case. If you don’t, you hear the Hindi line.


Is there any chance of improving the symmetra QoL? It is too fragile in my opinion and without much mobility since the teleporter takes too long to be active, in addition to having a small interaction radius to be used in cases of emergency.
For the rest it is very good and it is very fun to play.


While we’re on the subject of ultimate voice lines, are there any plans to change Reinhardt’s Gridironhardt skin voice line. The skin gives a slight advantage to those who use it because the voice line for Earth shatter is quicker and a little more quiet, which makes it harder for enemies to react to in time. I was just wondering if this was on the development team’s radar or not.

Anyways, thanks for all of the amazing/awesome work you guys do. I genuinely appreciate all of the things you all do for us, and I could not be more pumped for BlizzCon (which I will be attending) to see all the awesome new content. Thanks again, Michael!

(Michael Chu) #12

Yeah, we are working on adjusting the voice line so that it’s more in line with the sound of Reinhardt’s base line.

Rein’s Charge sound effect isn’t loud enough

Some news about “Onwards to Victory” Winged Mercy’s voiceline?


Kinda makes sense too since the Hindi line sounds so powerful and intimidating, I’d much rather have my enemies hearing that than plain ol’ “Reality bends to my will.”


Characters with non-native English voice lines all use their non-English line for the opposing team’s audio, and their English line for their own team. Generally the player hears the same voice line as the enemy team, but that may not be true on all heroes.

There are a few exceptions due to non-English speaking characters with native English speaking voice actors. Reinhardt and Pharah being notable examples). Lucio was one of these cases, but they have (somewhat) recently recorded and added Portuguese voice lines and he now follows the normal rules.


are there any plans to add mccree’s specific ult voice line in van helsing skin ? there was something for him in data mined stuff :smiley:


Sym is totally still a support. They just moved her because she doesn’t heal and people kept complaining. She’s not a dps lol

(Michael Chu) #20

Nothing at the moment, sorry.

(Michael Chu) #21

That is the way it works, the change was what Symmetra hears, not her allies or enemies.


No plans to add voice for Soldier-24 from Reaper’s Retribution event? I love his normal voice and as I know you already remade all voicelines for event. Thank you!


Any plans for D.Va to get a “Surf This!” voiceline on Waveracer?