Symmetra's teleporter deploys WAY too fast!


i’m sorry but it’s not ok to have a symmetra instantly dissapear and reappear behind you with 0 time to react or do anything. it is RUINING the game for me. i can’t play without some random symmetra teleporting all over the map killing me from every angle


Uhh…wut? It’s slow and it’s easy to react to it if you pay attention.


Dude cmon put more effort into your bait


the worst part is it moves her like 20 feet away. its way too strong


no, her tp is way too slow.
and if you cant counter her idk what to tell you.

she is so squishy and she is like the easiest character to counter in the game.



it needs to be SLOWED DOWN and reduce to 5-10m to be balanced


Yet she is still one of the worst and least picked heroes in the game. Obviously overpowered.



She takes 3s to set it up and TP, and she can’t go back and forth without waiting for 1s in between. Plus, she will be stuck if you destroyed her TP.

If you can’t deal with her, It’s on you. Time to Git gud.


lol to everyone taking this seriously


So you’ve proven a correlation between pickrate and balance? Where’s your study and math? I’d like to see. Just because a hero is not picked much, doesn’t mean they’re “bad” in a balance sense. Goes the other way around too. Just because a hero is picked quite a bit, doesn’t mean they’re automatically one of the best heroes from a balance perspective, either.


it’s called having an opinion.


Sounds like someone is getting outplayed


Que??? If anything, her deploy time on tp needs to be sped up.