Symmetra's Personality versus Philosophy

Listen, I resonate deeply with Symmetra’s style of using people’s intelligence against them, but I’m not stuck up about it. In fact, I think her personality is very out of place for her gameplay.

I never read the comic, but I think there was some commentary on her being autistic? That must’ve been a typo because she definitely can’t be socially-inept with such supportive abilities. Remember she was a support hero transitioned to DPS, but her supportive philosophy remains. Therefore she requires altruism not autism.

More so she wields the light force which is canonically courage and wisdom, according to The Legend. With the power of wisdom she should know better than to be entitled, as it tarnishes her lore. With the power of courage she should be able to adjust her will to act accordingly. However, it seems as though she lacks the knowledge to do so, as she is so often guided by her emotions.

However, now she is playing a Mann, and those of the Mann family have the power to change their fate. Therefore, I’m calling in her destiny now and it is inevitable. Beware of them, the Red Sym.

you can read it online, in the media section of the official website. in reality the nuances of autism can be seen in stone by stone (a short story) always included in the media section.

I don’t think we should be paranoid about the connection between functional gameplay and a plausible narrative of the lore, otherwise we can say that Mercy really resurrects the dead or replaces her mech at any time. :sweat_smile:

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If you don’t understand why the lore is important to the gameplay then you’re just as bad as Blizzard execs issuing mass layoffs to that department. Sadge. :frowning: