Symmetra's new right click is overpowered

at least with the current numbers they gave us.

it is a Pharah rocket that is slightly slower (30 mps to 35 mps), deals more damage (130 to 120) and can pierce through barriers.

people seem to be glossing over this, but this is the sole reason why Symmetra will be obnoxious if these are the changes they are going with.


She isn’t even on PTR yet, what the hell would you know?

This community is an absolute mystery sometimes.


lets hypothetically say that the developers are introducing a mechanic to Junkrat where the bombs out of his primary fire are now cluster grenades, and that they split into five equally potent bombs dealing 120 damage each mid arch.

now, you don’t need to see this change live on PTR to crunch numbers to come to the conclusion that these numbers are insane.

I don’t think the new one pierces through barriers.


no, the old orb can deal up to 720 damage each if it hit 6 enemies, the new orb wont deal more than 300, imagine Pharah’s rocket, 1 direct hit and it splash to another near them
it traded off its maximum potential for consistency

I think you should re-check it again

Nerf her already, LOL.


I love it! Thx to symmetra, i came out of gold almost into diamond. She deserves her buffs.

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Except is not, symm has no barrier anymore, and the beams damage increases at a slower rate.

Old symmetra couldn’t get to tier 3 before getting destroyed.

And secondary fire does not pierce through barriers, neither through enemies.

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it says nothing about barriers, they clarified that it doesn’t pierce through enemies anymore because that used to be the case, if it doesn’t pierce through barriers anymore either they would probably mention it.

how often are you hitting 6 people with one orb to start arguing that it is better? that situation is so rare that it isn’t even worth taking in account, consistency over potential wins for sure.

it increases at a slower rate but you get more damage per second relatively to the old beam, at no point does the old beam out-dps the new one, since at 2 seconds of charge the new beam does 135 DPS to the 90/120 DPS of the old beam, that you can hit 195 DPS is just a cherry on top.

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It says it doesn’t pierce through enemies or the environment and instead impacts against them.

barriers aren’t part of the game world or environment, they’re hero abilities.

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It’s not overpowered at all. The main difference is that Pharah can fly and shot rockets downwards at a constant rate, while Symmetra will always be on the ground and shot her Energy Ball horizontally at a slower rate.

They probably count them as part of an enemy for the most part, except probably Orisa’s shield.

I’d be extremely surprised if these pierced barriers. I don’t think they would’ve brought up the lack of piercing at all if that wasn’t what is changing because that’s their current primary way of being used.

I thought it couldn’t pierce barriers any more?

The New Symmetra starts at old Tier 2 and gets to old tier 3 in 2/3rds the time it took to get to tier 3 from tier 1. While doing more damage then the old tier 2 and tier 3.

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they removed the ability of piercing through barriers…read all the facts before you make rage posts

He used some vague wording so the OP assumes that means that it will stay the same. I assume it was just it was inelegantly stated and it doesn’t pierce barriers anymore.

No one will know which is right until she hits the PTR or they decide to tell us.

why would they want to count Winston’s bubble as part of his “hero hitbox”, so to speak? they’re clearly separate entities.

i’m just saying this because part of Symmetra’s niche was her effectiveness against comps that hides behind shield, like pirate ship, the ability to shoot through shields was exclusive to her, if they removed it they would probably say something about it, rather than re-purposing her right click into a straight up Pharah primary fire, which is just lazy and out of place.

but they don’t phase through shields, that they can be fired from a vantage point doesn’t mean that Pharah’s projectile is better.

please source me this fact.

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They didn’t say a hero hitbox, they said enemies.

I don’t see why they would even bring up that it didn’t pierce anymore if still pierced through barriers, that’s the main use of them.