Symmetra's biggest issue is how the community views her

I wholeheartedly agree with this.

My biggest issue is other people. I’m playing Symmetra and we get a comment like “we need a Zenyatta because we won’t have enough damage with the Sym.”

Cue me rolling my eyes and ending the game with Gold damage. I only enjoy this game now when i’m playing in a six stack of friends who know from experience how powerful Symmetra can be, damage wise and ability wise.

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I am going to be honest and say that while its true some people will get rabies at the mere sight of Sym on their team, the concept that Sym is ‘‘fine’’ when she clearly isnt and she is in fact at risk of becoming a badly reworked hero that is being overbuffed is super high.

Before the rework her kit was coherent albeit in an anemic state, and now has some strong cheesey gimmicks but its utterly disjointed and has very little in the the way of actually working without depending on entirely external factors like stray barriers and team willingness. Her being a damage hero now is just hilarious when she is worse at fulfilling any kind of dps hero role.

i think it’s merely the perception of her that makes her feel less attractive as a character, but if you look at her kit she’s a got damn mage, and mages are cool, got beam of disintegrate, big floating orbs of death, has a really cool teleport and can conjure up lesser disintegrate minions.

the worst part of playing sym is her character design to me, everything else is great, same goes for mei, great kits, silly character designs.
but i guess that goes for a lot of characters as most of the roster is very silly.

if they want symmetra a bit cooler, fix her run cycle and redesign her gun to be her arm instead, mega man her up :smiley: but i guess the design is what it is at this point and you just kind of have to look past the exterior if you’re not into it.

I hate it when I go into a match and get toxicity for no reason. I can play sym, and my hero choice doesn’t make a difference. How come junk gets an excuse? Sym it the character I love and play.

She was incorrectly classified as a support, and people made the barbaric decision to forego a healer and run her in their team’s support slot.

So what would I be classified? 🧞 (day 384) highlight this Workshopped Sym ult again (along with how I would rework her, expanded*)(again)

It was fine with solo Mercy heals back at 60hps because shield gen made Mercy virtually unkillable, but you’re right. Sym was a support, she brought supportive aspects to the team via her ults, but at her heart she was always a DPS. The problem with that was it was evidently confusing for some people. They cringed at the aspect of triple support when it was more like double and a 1/4 a support but the 3/4 of her DPS could become monstrous when pocketed. Instead having solo Ana heals was the most common pairing in my experience, so you all just died.

Destroy her very easily destroyed ults and she was immediately back to being a mediocre DPS that might kill half your team in a blue moon if she was ignored.

Her singling someone out via teleporting her turrets and popping them with an orb is much quicker and safer than just trying to suicide into the back line for a flank like old Sym. She is a much better flanker now because she pretty much already was a flanker, she just didn’t have a great way of doing it that didn’t rely on “a Wild Symmetra appears.”

This is still relevant.

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She is definitely not.
I stopped playing her completely cuz of how much garbage symmetra 3.0 is.


You’re gonna sit there and pretend you played 2.0 and she wasn’t hot garbage?
Here let me block this flashbang with Photon Barrier just to get two tapped by McCree anyway.

This is so true it hurts. This literally happens. You will NEVER be acknowledged for popping off. So you know what? I do it myself now.

“Damn I’m good.”

“Did you see that triple kill???”

I have no shame anymore because we deserve acknowledgement if nobody else will give it.

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I had 70% winrate with that “hot garbage” + she had shields and was helping the team way more than the current one does.

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Honestly… someone got paid to do this because someone else didn’t do something they were paid for.

Why is this now a thing I can say.

Okay but how many games on like Hanamura did you get to second point for defense, plop shield gen down, and proceed to do nothing for the rest of the game?

That’s what she was like a lot of the time. She wasn’t necessarily helping the team. She was making whatever other DPS was on your team nightmares on the enemy team. It worked very well for triple DPS comps because what does the enemy team do about a 500hp Doomfist or a Sombra than can tank enough damage to just get a free pick? Terrible design.

She can do more now. I won’t say she does enough on her own because she doesn’t, but what’s there is very versatile. She also actually feels like an area denial hero now with the way her kit flows together.

I’m confused. What do you mean?

It’s ok if you don’t get it.

(It’s just that stupid.)

Do you mean Blizzard?

There is nothing wrong of being situational. most of the def heroes were and she was still playable even on point B even if less effective.

I mean a certain dev with “300 hours” on Sym.

Honestly on day 384 now, on waiting for getting Sym done right.

Wasn’t it 700 hours or are we talking about a different Dev?