Symmetra's beam too quiet


Is this a bug or is it meant to be that quiet? Sometimes I can’t even hear a Symm locking onto me before it’s far too late, and I made sure to amp up sound effects in settings to be able to hear sound cues. I guess it’s only the stage 1 beam + sentry turrets that are too quiet, when it gets stronger it’s much easier to hear.


Symmetra beam is also a tickle gun because she does no damage and dies to every other dps in seconds because she’s squishy with no escape or ability to aid in her close range combat unlike sym 2.0 who had photon barrier to help her engage and disengaged.

Reworked symmetra was a trash decision and they ruined every aspect of symmetra and her community agrees that she feels and is trash to play


I miss symmetra’s microwave sound. I just love hearing that loud sound and a genji screaming in pain😇


The microwave was deadly so it needed to be loud. Her new gun is trash and deserves no microwave sound.


This. I made a thread about it the other day.

Blizzard uses sound in this game to denote danger level, hence why her previous beam could be heard halfway across the map by enemies when full charge.

Meanwhile, her orbs and turrets are both much louder.


This more likely than not has to do with ongoing audio issues in the game right now (ultimate sounds not playing, footsteps being too quiet, sound effects being inaudible, etc.). I personally had an issue where Symmetra’s turrets wouldn’t play the laser sound effect so it was impossible to tell where they were positioned and attacking from.

I also had an issue where her charged secondary shot wouldn’t make any sound either when it was being fired practically point blank next to me:

If you could, could you please share your story and any video evidence you might have in this ongoing major thread about these audio issues in the following bug thread, the more people chime in about this issue the more likely Blizzard will finally start looking into it:


it could just be a bug… wouldnt be surprising.


I mean, it does make sense that her stage 1 laser isn’t very loud, but I still think you should be able to tell you’ve been locked on. It’s sometimes so hard to tell until you lose enough health for you character to start making noises from being low on health.


It’s more like it doesn’t make that much noise because it doesn’t do that much damage unless its ramped up. Like said above.