Symmetra was nerfed within 9 days for being 4th picked DPS

So you want to keep an overnerfed hero because you don’t want to have MY fun with niche, and make all other players happy? Dude …

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Being constantly harassed by mobile annoyance sure is fun(not).


OWL Genji plays make crowd go “oooooooo.” Crowd go “oooooooo” make money go pocket.
You answered your own question. One is impressive when played well while the other one is lame and predictable.

Didn’t you hear? The team doesn’t make “mistakes”. They’re “redefining good ideas”.

I don’t ever believe heroes like sym (in their current state) should be meta and should be niche. However, what I don’t understand is that when sym’s damage was seen to increase dramatically in stats and was instantly nerfed why Genji isn’t the same. Also, why a hero like Mei was allowed to be strong for this long compared to sym.

Someone is farming votes here, what is it the 213th thread about Genji and comparing it to Sombra/Sym?

At some point it has to stop. Maybe Genji will get nerfed maybe somethings will get reverted but spamming the forums over and over doesnt help anyone imho.

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I think 4th picked is too high for Sym and her kit.
Her playstyle and kit shouldn’t be in the top 5 of anything

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They did this already with sym 2.0

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Impossible. Your team has to get through to the point. There are multiple doorways, so you dont know which has a turret nearby until you’re hit by it.

And since rework Sym’s turrets cooldown after they’re thrown, Sym can just place another turret elsewhere. So you’ll never know which room or doorway is dangerous.

There’s a difference.

Again, you’ll be occupied, you wont know where they’re thrown. And even when you shoot them, you’ll still take some damage.

They wouldnt be a pain if that was the case. And you cant counter something thats broken.

That’s what everyone says, but she is not a niche. She’s just bad. You can use her if want to have a very mobile comp or whatever, but then you have a 5 people comp because Symmetra is a close range fighter that gets deleted in close range.

Turrets aren’t instant kill either, so you got plenty of time to retreat, if there is burning laser out of nowhere. If you want, there can be some beeping sound, like TF2 sentry, added.

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I didnt say they were. But they kinda are, the Sym’s teammates will most likely get assisted kills. And if you do retreat, Sym will just place the turret elsewhere. You cant keep retreating throughout the match.

They also got short range. Turrets take time to move them.

Even while Symmetra got Magician skin, she can’t just snap her fingers to make turrets appear in new places without actually throwing them there.

funny you mention that because they already do and they have to finish playing that sound 1st before damaging rn on live.


Not that short of a range, and the turret’s cooldown starts after one is thrown. So Sym will mostly have another turret ready after one is shot.

She kinda does then a turret is thrown through her teleporter.

I meant on the regular. TF2 sentries make 1-3 beeps every 5 seconds, depending from upgrade level, and one loud “beep” when they spot target. Since players complain, that they “can’t find” turrets, give them hint on it’s location.

symmetra is only useful in OWL, and thats saying something that even then barely use her,

there is simply not enough coordination on ladder to make use out of her TP

Sombra has the same issue, and so does bastion, to a certain extent, you could put orisa in the same boat too lately

these characters NEED work

but nobody wants to adress them because everyone has a negative stigma on them

This game is biased and (insert bad word here) disgusting.

And this is probably what bothers me most. Yeah she was strong (in a meta she’s meant to be strong in lol) but also she wasn’t game breaking? People always defend Genji saying he hasn’t been meta/viable since dive but sym has NEVER seen that and they still gutted her.

Fact is though, she still had counters and wasn’t too hard to play around. Hitscans were still king as they always are but whilst Ashe and Genji get hard power crept Sym (and Sombra) are left to rot and become more of a throw pick due to the power creep.

Niche should not mean trash. Mercy is niche and not a throw pick 90% of the time. Sym is not.


Being meta is one thing but she’s no longer even good at her niche. Her niche was dealing with Double Barrier and they took that away.