Symmetra Turrets

Im wondering if its possible to only give symmetra only one turret in workshop. If it is possible then i have absolute no clue ive tried everything i know

while its possible to reduce her charges to 1, by lowering it whenever she has more than 1, however since this isn’t at all linked to the turrets that wouldn’t help.

the only way to control this would be to track the position of the current turret and destroy it with a created projectile when she makes a new one i guess…

i’ve tried before for my Sym AI, its difficult to track due to the turret hitbox hitting stuff a raycast wont. so you would need a perfect multiple ray casting moving hitbox to track it.

(my ai would always end up shooting a location without a turret thinking there was a turret or die to a turret because it thought it wasn’t there. in my professional opinion, this is beyond most of us maybe even all of us and not worth our time)

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