⚠️ Symmetra Turret Test (comparison video inside)

30 hp and 1 hp it’s almost the same. They will be killed instantly. Even a melee does 30 dmg…


The only advantage of their ho is that they won’t get destroyed by a d.va from a long range. However, all heroes can still one shot them. + The CD didn’t change you still need to wait 10s for a new turret. And the range is still short, which means you can’t place them up high.


You want them to do 60 dps each? Um, no. I like Symmetra–all 3 versions of her–and I think that would be grossly overpowered in a chaotic teamfight.

Besides which, I haven’t been able to get the bots to shoot a turret out of the air yet. Can someone confirm yes/no on that before I get too happy?

It’s not about wanting. It’s about what we were told. We were told 1 turret would be like 2 turrets. Which is why we were only getting 3.


She got her damage buffed in literally every other area of her kit. IMO 60 dps turrets would be way too much.

Put it into perspective…

60dps is 1/3rd of a squishy’s life every second and the turrets slow, never miss, and now have 30 health.

You can throw them now, and they have all of those benefits.

And you can still shoot while they’re doing their thing. Her new M2 is nothing to take for granted at a distance and if you add them together she can do 150 damage in one second if you land your orb into a single turret target.

If they’re running through a nest, the turrets slow them, the orb guts them, and the turrets kill them. It’s a possible 210 damage in one second if you time it perfectly.

I’m thinking it’s an oversight.

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Could be. But I doubt they’ll hit 60.

45 maybe, but not 60.

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Why quibble on this?
They’ve straight up LIED to us before about much bigger issues.
It doesn’t matter what they’ve said leading up to this rework; they can change their minds at a moment’s notice and there’s nothing we could do about it.

Catching someone in a lie or a mistake doesn’t matter if you can’t, you know, force them to live up to their word anyways.

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It’s not that they said that it will have more damage before the rework went out.

They said it would have more damage in the actual patch notes… This post is basically to let them know there is a bug where the turrets dont do more damage (like they should, since you know, it’s in the patch notes).


The range is infinite. they go untill they hit a wall or the edge of the map.

the range of the turrets not the placement a turret on the roof of hlc isnt gonna hit someone on the floor

Actually no, they just moved power from her turrets to her gun.

A sym with all her turrets out before the rework does MORE damage than after:

  • 120 dps (gun) + 180 dps (6turrets) = 300
  • 180 dps (gun) + 90 dps (3 turrets) = 270

So even tho she’s moving to damage, she does less damage than before. And its less reliable, cause: she now has to aim; she can have less turrets out and in reserve but has the same cooldown, so gets turrets slower.


Not really.

Before the rework, getting all six turrets to nuke the same target required either braindead opponents, bot opponents, or a friendly roadhog hooking targets into the carwash for you. So that DPS you cite from live isn’t accurate realistic.

All heroes?

Soldier now 2-shots.
They’ll survive through splash damage if they’re far enough (Pharah-Junkrat)
Winston doesn’t insta-gib them anymore
Moira has to spend half a second on each (almost two seconds for all three)
Reaper has to be much closer now, as each pellet does 2-7 damage (so at least 5 pellets)

It’s a world of difference.

The fire range is 10m

you can shoot them and torb’s turret will track them aswell.

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Yeah, they are not buffed at all.

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Or maybe the Sym is just really good?

Either way the fact remains that Syms damage potential is actually lower now than pre rework.

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At that point, putting all of your eggs into a single basket like that, you’re just not being realistic about what’s probably going to happen. You might get that setup working once. Maybe.

After that first kill your opponents are going to be looking for your turrets. While you might zone one of them for a few seconds, you’re not getting another full 6 carwash kill that game.

300 dps is completely unrealistic with sym 2.0.

The damage buff to her primary and secondary fire is huge for her because it’s actual damage that she will actually see every game, potentially, a lot of the time if her team is willing to work with her (read: pocket mercy).

Thank you. We tested this also at the same time side by side. The old turret and new one killed exactly the same!